Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bald is Beautiful

Last week Morgan shaved his head. About 21 people shave their heads to support a boy in our ward who has cancer. Here are pictures from the event.

Morgan with his "before" pose.

The kids loved playing around.

Here's the guest of honor getting his head shaved.

Morgan going bald.

Should we should leave it like that?

Josh isn't bald, he was just checking things out.


Josh isn't sure of it.

Lots of hair.

One friend cut off her ponytail in support.

They had pizza too, which made Eli happy.


Monday, January 25, 2010

A Temple

Today was a rough day. Mondays usually are, and today was no exception. I had to do a LOT of laundry and the boys just go crazy after the weekend. But two things brightened my day up.

1st, Morgan came home from work earlier than expected. (It was really right on time, but I was expecting him to be late so it was a wonderful surprise.)

2nd My sister called me and told me that President Monson has just announced that there is going to be a Payson, Utah Temple. The temple is going to be built about 1 mile south of where my parents live. And while I don't live in Payson anymore, there is still a Temple going to be built in my little hometown. I could even tell where it would be based on the pictures they showed of the land. I am super excited about it and while I know it will be a while before the temple is built, I can't wait to go there!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Busy Day

Today has been a busy day for me. I got up, showered, helped the boys take a bath, fixed breakfast, went to a Cub Scout Meeting, came home, put Josh down for a nap, got lunch ready, got kids ready for church, went to church, SPOKE in church. (My talk was on the advantages of having the missionaries in your home, I think it went pretty well.)
After that I conducted opening exercises for Primary and then taught Sharing Time for Junior and Senior Primary. Eli didn't want to go to his class though, and I heard him crying out in the hall, so our music leader went and got him and he watch Senior sharing time too.
Now we're trying to get the boys down to bed and go downstairs so we can relax!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Morgan got my iPhoto to start working again, so I can show you some of the fun pictures we have taken this past week on our travels.

Joshua and his "hat." He loves wearing this around, but usually has it pulled farther down so all you can see is his mouth. I think he looks like an Ork when he does that.

Morgan pulled this giant icicle off our house.

Hanging out in Nauvoo

Eli needed me to take a picture of him.

Eli got to make a rope, he was very excited.

Some friends had us over to play their Wii. We loved it!

Eli was very excited to play!

The other day when we got home from grocery shopping Eli told me he had to have a music concert for me. So we went in the living room, put some 'farm songs' that my parents had sent him on the player and Eli started to sing the songs into his "Microphone" while holding the book open on the page of the song. It was one of the experiences that make motherhood worth every bad day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More Reviews

The Express - Ernie Davis becomes the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. This movie was really great. It was fun to watch someone be the first, and in such an amazing way. Although this movie is rated PG I wouldn't watch it with too young of kids because there is a lot of violence on the football field.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS: We loved this movie. Eli has asked to watch it 3x in the short while we've had it (I've let him watch it twice). I know it is based off a book, but I have not read that so I don't know how it compares. Also, it had a lot of funny little things for the adults to catch, plus lots of funny stuff for everyone. Definitely a family film.

Duplicity is a corporate spy movie. I thought it was going to be something like Mr. and Mrs. Smith based on the back cover, but it was...not. I'm not sure it was better, or worse, just different. This is more in drama/comedy rather than comedy/drama. The best part about this movie is that it is never what you expect it to be. The ending, was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, that is all that I am going to say about it.


(SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter.
Symptoms of SAD may consist of: difficulty waking up in the morning, tendency to oversleep as well as to overeat, and especially a craving for carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain.

Morgan and I are both undiagnosed sufferers of this disorder. Today I was exceptionally unmotivated to do anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A couple pictures.

The other day Eli told me he needed to wear his Lightening McQeen outfit. We got it on and he drove around on his 'motorcycle.' He had a lot of fun. I'm hoping it fits him next Halloween and we can convince him to go as Lightening.

I wanted Josh and Eli to watch a movie at Grandma & Grandpa's so I could play a game (Morgan was out disc golfing). Eli said he needed a grown up to watch with him so he talked Grandpa into watching Cars. I had to get a picture of two cute boys with their good ol' grandpa!

Movie Reviews

I've watched a lot of movies lately, and're just going to have to hear about it.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
I wasn't expecting to really care about this one, but it was really fun. Really, really fun. Definitely one to watch with the family, and one to own at some future point.

Julie and Julia
Much better than the book, less swearing, drinking, and more Julia...but maybe because I didn't LOVE the book and only just 'got' through it, that I didn't love the movie either. It was okay and nice and all that. But I had never seen anything Julia Child, I'd heard of her, but she was just before my time. Its okay, don't spend money to see this one though.

Terminator: Salvation
I thought this was rated R, but Morgan showed me on redbox that it was PG-13 so we got it. It was fine. A nice action flick. A few days after we saw it Morgan said that he thought it was stupid because the computer go to all the work of making a human/robot cyborg thing and then when they have the chance to get John Conner they send 1 terminator when they have 50 others on the racks being made. Really, if you want to kill someone, go all out. Also they had a chance to kill Kyle Reese, a million chances actually and they did nothing but use him as bait. Maybe they just didn't know the future yet (all this past/future stuff is confusing) but come on. And no, I'm not voting for the computers to kill all humanity, but you want some brain power.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
VERY good movie. This was a lot better than I expected so I really enjoyed it. The story made sense and was fun. Amy Adams had a great character
and there were just enough little jokes to keep it fresh.

Angels and Demons
This movie is much better (cleaner) than the book. The changes between the book and movie were satisfactory to keep the story less complicated and actually a little happier/more positive. As for the Catholic Church portrayal, I don't really have a comment, I mostly take everything with a grain of salt.

This movie was okay. I'm glad I didn't waste Morgans time by having him watch it with me. It wasn't as funny as the previews tried to make it out to be. Mostly a little sad. The characters are 'mormons' who sometimes drink coffee, gamble, completely focused on family to the detriment of self. But they are good friends. My favorite scene was where our oppressed housewife gives her Book of Mormon to a hitchhiker. He pauses, pulls a fresh one from his bag and says he got it on his first ride and had been offered 5 others before them. I got a little chuckle from that.

The Women
This movie has Meg Ryan in it if you haven't heard of it before. The entire movie is completely full of women. There is not a man to be seen ANYWHERE (not even the background) until the very end of the movie. An interesting concept. As far as the plot goes, it was fine. It is about a wife who finds out her husband is cheating on her. Her reactions were very normal and it was good to see her go out and make a life for herself. Whether she gets back together with her husband or not is left up in the air, but you know whatever she does, she is going to be okay.
One sad part about this movie to me, was that when her friend sort of 'betrays' her (not with her husband, something else) she says that That is worse than loosing her husband. I'm sorry, but your husband should be your best friend. Having a falling out with your friend should not be the worst thing in your life.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eli's Baby

Eli told me this story today at lunch.

Last time today I had a new baby. A baby girl. And what was her name? Her name was Scripture Bug and she was in my tummy because she wasn't big enough to be out. And I went to the doctor, and I got my shoes on and my clothes on and I went to the doctor. And the doctor got her out and he said, "Oh what a beautiful baby!".
And then I took my baby home and put her in the crib to go to sleep and sang the rock a baby song. And then she was crying so I went and helped her go back to sleep and then she woke up and it was dark so she went back to sleep and I stayed up. And I had dessert with my new family. With my new mom and dad. And my Mom and Dad were Grandpa and Grandma.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Our Week

Eli and Josh watching movies on our new PDVD

Eli keeping Josh away from the screen.

Walking around with Mom's shoes.

Yogurt or blush?

Apparently it is blush.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Post

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone. Happy New Year. We had a great time at with friends last night and stayed up until 1am playing games. We were so into the game that I forgot to kiss Morgan at midnight. Oops.
So some of my resolutions for this year are:
1. Continue exercising, but try to do the 3 mile walk at least 3x per week to facilitate my goal to lose weight. (Physical goal)
2. Study the Priesthood/Relief Society lessons with Morgan each week before church. (Spiritual)
3. Practice the piano more and be able to play all (or almost all) of the songs in the Childrens Songbook. (Personal/emotional...I'm just not ready to tackle the hymnbook yet.)

So those are my goals for this year. Other things that I hope to accomplish is, buy a house, help Eli to learn his ABC's, give my first sharing time lesson (that one is happening this Sunday, I'm a little bit nervous), possibly think about getting pregnant with baby #3 (this is not an announcement, I'm just saying that within the next 12 months I may have an announcement.) Read more books, play more games, finish the Bible and read the Book of Mormon.
I guess I could go on and on with things that I would like to do. But that is probably enough.

May everyone have a wonderful New Year full of happiness and joy. I love you!