Thursday, December 1, 2016

Morgan's Birthday

Morgans 38th birthday was November 22nd.  He got home around 8pm that night (because he had been traveling for work). But I let the kids stay up so that we could have dessert with him. Morgan chose a pecan pie for his birthday dessert.

All the kids wanted to help light and then blow out the candles. It was a lot of fun.

Josh is a Wrestler

Josh joined a wrestling club in October. He had his first tournament not too long ago. The first thing I learned is that there is a lot of WAITING in Wrestling!

Head gear on and ready to go!

Josh is up next. The Chicago Bears fan is one of his coaches.

Josh did not win any of his matches, but he had fun and learned that he has more training to do.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Family Walk

A couple of Sundays ago we had a Regional Broadcast for church. We were out by 1pm and decided to go for a walk on the McFarlane Lake Trail outside of La Porte.  We didn't make it to the quarry (which was our goal) but I think that it was a lot farther than we thought it was.

Date Day!

Morgan asked me out on a date. He got the babysitter lined up and planned it all. He didn't tell me beforehand where we were going, but as we were driving, I figured it out and he confirmed it.

We had a great time hiking and talking with each other.

We stopped at this cool little cave and Morgan has secretly packed in some Martinelli's, my favorite!

Yes, this building is a bathroom. But, it is a beautiful (exterior) bathroom.

Halloween Part 2

Pictures from the Lowell Family Night

The kids are doing the pumpkin walk.

Church Trunk or Treat

Halloween Night!

Josh's 3rd Grade Concert