Thursday, August 23, 2018

Europe Part 8 - Food and Fun

Now for some extra fun pictures.

Cobble stone streets are great, except when you have to lay down plumbing, wiring, etc. You have to pull of the cobble stones, dig a trench, place your wires, then re-lay the cobble stones. 

A train station is painted with all the different flavor of Rittersport Candy Bars.

Doner Kebabs. So delicious. We ate them 4-5 times. It was not enough.

My dish, pork medallions. Morgan also order some weinerschnitzel and some kaseschnitzel (basically nice mac and cheese).

Mmm - delicious steak on a bed of amazing rice.

Trying to use an app to translate the menu.

Sometimes we need instructions on the proper way to use the toilet.

Cool musician on the hike past Neuschwanstein Castle.

A playground with a dragon. How cool is that?

This is a Grenadilla. It is a fruit that you can't get in America. But it is pretty delicious. (That and fresh figs! YUMMY)

Eating at a Korean restaurant in Heidelberg. Very good, but some of it was TOO spicy for me. Actually, we got way more food than we could eat. Delicious.

This is the word for Exit in German.

This statue is also a fountain, but it wasn't on the first time I saw it. It was commissioned by all of the trades of Trier.

Here is a close up of one section. You can see that it is a tailor.

Ice cream! (We did not eat enough dessert while we were in Europe. We were too full from the good meals we were eating.)

There was a guy making cool designs out of wire and paper clips. We bought a little bike. I may have bought more, but the guy was really obscene and we just wanted to get away from him.

More doner kebabs.

These two pictures are from the interior of different churches. There were too nice to not share.

Next you have a photo of my salad and Morgan's Cordon Bleu that we got at the French restaurant in Luxemborg.
This was our worst meal. We were able to read the English menu - but still couldn't really understand what it meant.
I ordered a salad with salmon. I got this (actually good) salad with tons of fish. Morgan thought his Cordon Bleu would be a safe, delicious choice. Instead it was bland and not that good.

Morgan ended up trading half of his food for Linsday's. (I don't have a picture, but there was a mix up with the kitchen, which we didn't discover until we got the bill. But Lindsay was served Fois Gras. We all had a bite, it wasn't good.) But Morgan traded half of his for half of Lindsays because he knew he could stomach it and wanted to let Lindsay have something that while not amazing, was better than Fois Gras.

So many markets! It was lots of fun.

This was part pretzel part croissant, all delicious.

Rose lemonade served with fresh mint.

This meal was the BEST. Morgan and I got an appetizer platter to share and then some delicious steak. I don't remember everything on the platter, but it included pumpkin curry soup in a shot glass, sushi roll, seared tuna, risotta salad, and maybe some proscutto.

No pooping dogs! (The Red circle around a picture means NO. So no parking would have the red circle with a car in the center.)

Many of the bathroom sinks (in houses) were VERY small. I need to do this in my own water closet.

Mmm. I ordered hot chocolate, not knowing what I would get. I was served warm milk, with chocolate pieces and whipped cream. I got to make my own.

Look at the last menu item on this.

Yes, you read that correctly. You could get a cream cheese bagel sandwich with mealworms, crickets, and grasshoppers.

This is Morgan and I happy that we did NOT choose a lunch with mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers.

Europe Part 7 - Luxemborg, Belgium, and Netherlands

While we were staying in Trier Germany we decided to drive over to Luxemborg. That way we could have dinner and visit our 4th country.

There was this really cool pathway and wilderness area in the valley below Morgan. Unfortunately we didn't have time to really explore it as much as we would have liked to.

Then we stopped in Belgium on our way to the Netherlands. We got to see one of Lindsay's cousins and ate a Belgiun Frituur. A frituur is a casual eatery - and the one we visited was just full of fried foods. You would pick which foods you wanted, the chef would fry it and then serve it to you.

We did get some fries, or frittes, with a couple different sauces to try on top.

We ended our trip at Noordwijk an See in the Netherlands. Our initial plan was to drive in to Amsterdam on our last day, but the night before we all decided to stay at the beach and just relax. SO glad we did. Noordwijk an See is another place that I would love to go back and visit again.

Here is a picture of one of the canals you see everywhere in Holland.

The Beach! It was cold, but we did do some swimming.

We went on a great bike ride through some sand dunes. Renting bikes was so much fun.

A trip to Holland is incomplete without seeing some windmills!

We got to see the 'Coast guard' boat dock into a amphibious truck.

Flying a kite ... but only for a second, it really was too windy.

A statue to motherhood.

Happy to go home. (This picture was before the airplane took off. Once we started flying, I felt SO sick. Bleh. Luckily, I married one of the greatest guys in the world, and he was so accommodating and helpful to me. The flight attendants were also great, finding me simple biscuits and getting me Sprite and Gingerale.)