Sunday, May 31, 2015

Visiting Viskers

After visiting Salt Lake we stopped by the Oquirrh Mountain temple then off to visit Cherie and Jeremy's family.

The kids loved playing outside in their little playhouse.

After dinner we went to a local park to play. MORE WATER!

A zipline!

A big slide!

Jet's cousin is trying to get him to climb up the rope. Luckily it didn't happen.

New-age teeter-totter

Who is that in a red shirt climbing up?

It's JET of course!

Salt Lake City

One thing on our To-Do list for Utah was to visit the Temple and Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

Our first stop was the conference center. The kids LOVED all of the water fountains throughout the area. We had to touch ALL OF THEM.

The Conference Center

We went on a tour of the building. I think the kids were impressed with the size. It holds 21,000 people in the audience.

We saw amazing paintings by Arnold Friberg displaying scenes from the Book of Mormon.

The top balcony of the Conference Center.

My favorite part of the tour was going to the roof on the conference center. It was my first time up there. It gave us a great view of the Salt Lake City Temple. 

You could also see the state capitol building.

The roof has lots of plants, trees and wildflowers. It also has cool pyramid sun roofs.

Then we went to the Church Office building and got a tour up to the 25th floor observation deck.  It was another cool way to see Temple Square and the Salt Lake temple.

While I was up there I saw my Aunt Betty giving a tour to a different couple! I hadn't seen her in years, but forgot to get a picture with her.

Salt Lake Temple

Noelle saw this bride walking and told me how beautiful she was. The bride's mother asked if Noelle wanted a picture with her.  Morgan commented that it was like getting a picture with a Disney princess.

Inside one of the visitor centers we were able to see a miniature replica of the interior of the SLC temple.

Of course, our kids wanted to spend the most time watching the Mormon Ads on the little TV.

The Assembly Hall at Temple Square

Inside the Tabernacle.