Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cousins + more.

The cousins. Henry, Josh, Eli, and Kedrick

Kedrick wasn't too happy.

Henry and Josh were just chilling out.

Its a lot of fun to get Christmas cards.

We love being home!

Going to the Temple

Saturday after Christmas the Lasley clan all went to Nauvoo for Guy to receive his endowment. It was really nice to have 9 family members in the Temple together. It was too cold to take pictures at the Temple so I got some while we ate lunch at Hardees.
It was really nice to go to the Temple right after Christmas. I think we may try to make this a family tradition.

Christmas Day Photos

We had a lot of fun Christmas day. Unfortunately I'm the only one who takes pictures and I go too excited to take too many pictures. The day was great, we ate breakfast then while waiting for everyone to wake up those of us who were awake sang Christmas hymns until everyone was up. After that we read the story of Christ's birth from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Then we did stockings, presents, played around and had a big Christmas lunch. A wonderful day to spend with family!

Christmas Eve

Cousins in a box .

Eli holding Kedrick.

Josh liked the Santa hat...until I tried to take his picture.

Pete, Morgan, Eli, Doris & Emily

White Elephant Party

Eli waiting patiently...but sad that it isn't his turn.

Eli's first present was stolen. It says, "Our guest all bring us happiness. Some by coming, others by leaving." Horray for Goodwill finds. :)

We had a good Christmas Eve at Morgan's parents house. We had a big family lunch with 3 different types of soups. Then we played a game of Taboo and had birthday cake and icecream. And ended the festivities with a White Elephant game. Morgan ended up with a water bottle sleeve, I got a pedometer, Eli and Josh got a recorder and a puzzle.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mother of the Year Part II

Today I get the mother of the year award for 2 reasons. First, we were having a meal and Eli said he wanted more orange juice. I hand his juice to him and tell him that I think he already has some (by which I mean that I know he's got juice in his cup.) He says to me, "No I don't mom, see" grabs his cup and points it at me to show me which of course spills ALL of the juice out and onto my clothes.
Second - Josh has been cranky all this vacation at Grandma and Grandpas. He hasn't been napping to well, always seems tired or hungry, just cries all the time and wants Mom. Just a pain. So its not getting better and we are trying to decide to we go get some baby medicine for him in case he has an ear infection. Turns out he's getting 2 new molars. At Christmas.
So I'm mother of the year because I have been really patient with my boys and chosen to not freak out at them and get mad at them for things that aren't really their fault. So yes, I'm saying I'm good for doing as I should, but it would be so easier to get mad.
Life is crazy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giving In

So I did really good this fall TV season and gave up Survivor. I only checked out the blogs a couple of times and wasn't involved with it at all. I decided to read the finale blogs just to get a feel of how it all went down, etc.


I just found out that next season is going to be Heroes vs. Villains. How can I not be interested in that. So unless I get really brave and serious and whatever-not I will probably go back to watching next seasons Survivor. After that, maybe I'll take another hiatus.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mom of the Year

Letting my son eat dipping chocolate straight out of the bowl. That counts right?

Sunday night we went to a home near ours that has lots of lights with a musical walk through. It was our first time going and the boys had a lot of fun. Eli liked saying Hi to the Santa handing out candy, although Josh stayed away from him. It was a nice little night out for the family. Morgan thought I was a bit silly for getting the boys all bundled up in the warmest winter gear, but when we got home their hands were still warm and they were happy so I'll do it anytime!

I love this picture of Josh, he is saying Hi to me.

Eli wanted me to take a picture of him getting his boot on.

Eli checking out the little houses.

Sweet Joshua

Looking out at the lights,

Eli climbed up a hill of snow.

Eli's New Guitar

Ever since Joshua's birthday when Josh got a drum with a bunch of other instruments inside Eli has been wanting a guitar. So we told him that he could earn and save money and buy one. We decided that he would have to earn $7.50 after paying tithing and then we would help him with the rest of the guitar. (We didn't want it to take forever for him to earn the money, next toy he decides to get he will have to earn himself.) If he did his chores Monday-Saturday (and we remembered) he could earn 25 cents.
Last Saturday he finally had save enough money so we took him to Toys R Us and let him pick out his guitar. Previously, anytime we went to Walmart or Target he would ask to go look at the guitars to see 'his' guitar. The first one we looked at he didn't like, but then we found this next one which he was excited for. So we went to the checkout, had Eli give the cashier his 7.50 (we'd traded him for dollars to make the experience easier on the cashier) and he bought the guitar. He is VERY VERY VERY excited for it. Although once he got home he asked for a case for it. Right now he is using the box.

Opening the guitar

Eli and his guitar, a very happy boy.

Here is a video (sorry no sound) of Eli playing his new guitar. I think you can tell that he likes it.

I am a Hero

Yes, it is true, I am a hero. Today I saved a life (presumably). We were coming home from grocery shopping going inside to unload our purchases and to let Eli go to the bathroom when I heard a racket down by our window. I look down and see a bird stuck in the little window covering. I'm not sure how long he had been down there, there were some cracks, but it was mostly covered in snow which has been here for a week.

So I cleared the snow of the cover and tried to lift it up with my shoe, didn't want to get too close to the bird. He fluttered around in there for a while and I tried again. This time he made his break for freedom. He flew up to a branch on one of the trees and he began shouting at the bird "You're welcome bird. You're welcome!" Then he flew off and we commenced our unloading. But Eli kept telling me how glad he was that we could help the bird and wanted to know how he got stuck there in the first place. I had no idea.

And here is a little note from Eli.


From Eli" I love daddy. We love going shopping.
Josh says: Hi -ya . oh.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Short Story

Coming home from church Sunday Eli had a lot of interesting things to say to me.

Eli: Mom, my grandmas are my enemies.
Me: No, Eli their your friends.
Eli: No they are my enemies. My grandmas are my enemies.
Me: What do enemies do?
Eli: They play with you and stuff, so my grandma's are my enemies.

(He's got a vocabulary, now he just needs to figure out what the words mean!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Muffin Man and More

I wrote earlier about Josh being a sneaky little boy. He is continuing the trend. The other day we were getting ready the boys in their pajamas before dinner because Morgan and I were going on a date and having a sitter. Anyway, Morgan was getting Eli ready and realized Josh was sitting behind him. He called me into the room because Josh was sitting on Eli's bed eating a muffin. Apparently he had decided he was hungry, moved a chair to the counter, got a muffin, went back to the boys room, sat on Eli's bed and started eating the muffin while watching Eli get ready.

Here is Josh enjoying a new Christmas decorations.

We had our ward Christmas party this weekend. Morgan and Josh stayed home because Josh was sick, so Eli came with me and I let him be an angel in the Primary nativity program. You can't see him in this picture though.

Eli didn't want to be a shepherd with the other boys, he wanted to be an angel with the girls. What can I say, he's a ladies man! :)

This is me getting ready to lead the kids in music. You can barely see Eli's face peeking in on the left side. He's the third boy from the left.

Lots of Snow

Friday, December 11, 2009

Being Thankful

They boys and I have not left the house since Tuesday morning. First with the snow storm, and as a result of that I have been letting Morgan take the van to work and seminary (our car doesn't start very well in the cold). But, somehow I was in the right mind frame to be able to be cooped up in the house with the boys and not go crazy. At least, not really crazy.

In the meantime I have been able to finish making the Bavarian mints (I still have to make more turtles, but that is for later), I've addressed most of our Christmas cards, and today I made 6 bags of freezer apple pie filling.

So, I am thankful that I have been able to be productive and generally happy during this snowed in season. It may have helped that I've got two parties to look forward to this weekend, the church party and then Morgan's work party (which means we get a babysitter - Horray Mara!)

Anyway, I just thought I'd let the world know that we're doing well, and are happy about it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow and Sneak

As any Iowans know, we got a lot of snow last night. Morgan went out this morning and used our neighbors snow blower to clear our driveway and sidewalks. Eli of course, wanted to go with him. He lasted about 1 minute, and that was because we forced him out the door. He saw the blowing snow, and wanted to change his mind. Of course, once he was inside he wanted to know when we could go outside and make a snowman. Crazy kids.

Morgan and Eli ready to go out.

Happy kid!

Let me come in!

Eli in the snow outside our back door.

Now for the story of the sneak. This morning I had chocolates sitting on the counter ready to be put away. I walked into the kitchen and saw that a chair was pushed up against the oven which had not been there previously. I went to Josh and asked him to say "ah" this is what he showed me.

Yes, that is a piece of Bavarian mint in his mouth.

The next thing I know he has ran back to the chair and is in the process of climbing back on to get another piece of chocolate. I nipped that one in the bud.

Henry's Birthday

Saturday we got to go to Ames to celebrate cousin Henry's first birthday. Eli was excited to be asked to help open presents, and Josh was excited to 'borrow' new toys to play with.
Happy Birthday Henry!

Eli helping Henry

Josh watching the action.

Cool new toy!

Playing together.