Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Ugly Tie Contest

Here is Melissa in her witches costume - black lipstick and all. They had a Women's costume contest, the football player won.

Here we've got a cowboy tie, Morgan's ugly tie (traded with an African on his mission) and Michael's short tie.

Our hostess, made up stories for each of the ties displayed.

More ties

These were the three finalists. Morgan and Michael were the final two and Morgan suggested a "walk-off" to help vote for the best ugly tie. They turned up the Halloween music and went at it. A video is posted below, sorry that it doesn't have any sound, but you'll get the picture. Despite the ugliness of Morgan's neon green tie Michael's short tie (and awesome walk-off) won the prize.

Ward Trunk or Treat

We had a great time last night at the ward Trunk or Treat activity. The boys were both lions, Melissa was a witch and Morgan participated in the Ugly Tie Contest. We ate hotdogs, played pumpkin bowling, ate donuts off a stick, and of course went around to the cars to Trick-or-Treat. Here are some pictures of the night.

Eli and Josh getting ready to go - and roaring.

"Roar" says Josh.

Eli wanted to take a picture, so here is Morgan with his ugly tie.

Eli the Lion

This seems to be Eli's new favorite pose for pictures.

Watching the bowling.

Here he goes!


Eli trying to eat a donut.

He got it!

Josh was SUPER tired, and hung out in the stroller.


Kids School Halloween

Eli being a scary Lion.

More scary moves.


Eli & Josh

So cute!

Eli had to have his ball with him.

Josh and the 'baby'.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Two happy brothers!

Warming their toes.

First off, sorry my pictures are better quality, but I love them as they are so you are getting these.

So this morning I got up as usual and turned the heat up. Eli realized that warm air was coming out of the vents so he went and sat there. Then he calls over to Josh, "Hey Josh come sit here and get your feet warm. Josh sits down an Eli says, "Let me take your socks off, Josh, so you can feel it better."

I just love my boys! They are so sweet.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Eli wanted to take a picture of Morgan and me. So here you go, not the best angle, but this is us.

After going on walks and seeing houses with Halloween decorations on their doors Eli really wanted to make a pumpkin to put on our door. We finally got around to doing it. Once it was done though, he wanted it on the inside of our door so he could see it.

Eli reading a book.

Joshua being silly.

Josh and Eli reading books.

Movie Reviews

Here we go again... a short review of some of the movies we've seen lately.

Great movie. It was really fun. Eli and Josh even stayed awake to watch it and had a good time. It did have some adult jokes - specifically (I think) about Ginormica the giant woman. But I was too focused on the fun kid story to really pay attention to little side jokes.

I actually enjoyed this movie more than I thought it would. I should have expected to like it, because I enjoy the regular X-Men movies, but for some reason I thought this was mostly just a made for $$$ film. But the story was really good and it has made me want to watch the future movies again to view them with a greater idea of what the 'past' was.

A fun flick. Too advanced for my boys, lots of explosions and mean government people. It was not just a 'remake' of the previous film, but definitely based on it. Morgan was expecting there to be some sort of twist or a-ha moment in the film. Instead it is just straight forward and predictable (Which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing.)

The verdict: Watch all of these movies.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting ready for bed.

Josh climbed onto Morgan's lap while reading scriptures and just laid his head down. Of course as soon as I got the camera out he had to get up.

Eli was eating a lizard before bedtime. He wouldn't stop putting it in his mouth so...don't tell him, but we through it away.

Sunday Clothes

I love kids in their Sunday clothes. They look so handsome. We just got Josh his first white Sunday shirt so I had to take some pictures.

Josh Not Dancing

Friday, October 16, 2009

Conversation with Dad

Last night after choir Morgan told me of the following conversation he had with Eli.

Coming in from outside Eli put his coat on the pile where the shoes go.

Eli: I was being silly.
Dad: Yes, your silly.
Eli: I'm really silly.
Dad: I love you Eli.
Eli: No, I love you.
Dad: No, I love you.
Eli: No I love you.
Dad: No I love you.
Eli. Um, I think (puts his finger by his mouth to show he is thinking), I think we can all love each other.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Things This Week

Eli is trying to learn this letters, and was excited when he made the letter I with pretzels. So I helped him writ ELI, then he did it himself. He is very excited!

Here is Eli at our little Preschool. I promise this is his excited/smiley face rather than a child in pain.

This is what he usually looks like at preschool...ignoring Mom.

Josh is now officially 20 lbs and can be turned front facing in his carseat! We are happy because he doesn't put up a fight to be buckled in any more.

I know that we are sad, but today was the first time Eli has played with Playdough. He made up for it though, by making an airplane. (I helped him with the wings.)

Put them to work young.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Some Pictures

I feel like I haven't really blogged with pictures much lately, mostly because I haven't been getting the camera out. But I found some recent pictures on my camera that I hadn't done anything with so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

This is a picture of Josh in an 80's cool shirt. Really, its from the 80's, it is one of the shirts that my Mom gave me when she was finding some of her old baby clothes for me. You've got to love the stripes.

Every morning Morgan calls and talks to us. He leaves home at 5:30am to go teach Seminary so it is nice to have a little contact with him during the day. Eli loves talking to Daddy and asking him what he is going to do today.

This is a picture from Conference weekend at Morgan's parents house. Josh just HAD to climb up on Daddy and see what he was reading.

Kids have so much fun in the tub that I needed to get another picture of "My Two Boys" playing together. I often call them My Two Boys as a term of endearment to them, and Eli picks up on it calling me his two mommy.

Some friends of ours gave us costumes that didn't fit their kids anymore. Eli is very excited to be a big lion for Halloween this year. He keeps asking if it is here yet, so I think I will make a Halloween count-down chain for him.

I don't have enough pictures of a sleeping Joshua. I think I am afraid to wake him up or something. But here is Josh sleeping peacefully in his crib.
He LOVES to have his pacifier in bed with him and sometimes he will wake up in the middle of the night crying because he doesn't have it. Last night I went in there to find him (I think) still asleep getting up on all fours to find the pacifier. I grabbed it and put it in his mouth, he immediately just fell over, relaxed and ready to sleep again now that he had his Nuk.