Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Survivor vs. The Amazing Race

I love reality TV. I think it is so fun and there are many shows that I would love to be one...as well as reasons for each show as to why it would really be impossible for me to do it.

We don't get TV so anything that we watch has to be popular enough to get on the internet where I can watch it. This wonderfully limits me from watching stupid things like Blind Date.

Anyway, Survivor has always been a big favorite of mine - Morgan doesn't care for it. I enjoy The Amazing Race but was never an avid follower. As it is, I usually watch Survivor during naptime while I am exercising.

I have been trying to be a happier/better/more Christlike person and I'm not sure if I should keep watching Survivor. I enjoy the strategy and challenges, but there is just so much meanness and lying - especially this season. We were talking with friends and they mentioned that The Amazing Race was going to be starting again this week and I thought maybe I should make that my new reality TV show.

So I watched the first half of the premier last night and am getting ready to go exercise and watch the last half right now. I was going to read the recaps of Survivor but I think that will just tempt me to watch it too. So my plan is to not watch any Survivor this season and hopefully not read any recaps and just enjoy myself with The Amazing Race. I will say that I know TAR is not always bubbly, etc. but it seems that the teams that work the best together and are happiest usually do well. Sometimes not, but it is more about doing your best rather than hurting someone else.

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Putting Eli to Bed

We are putting Eli to bed right now. First he called out to me, Mom. I just said no. So then he goes Dad. Morgan answers and Eli asks for classical music on.

Now he's come out because the players were yelling at him. (We live near Columbus high and a football game is on right now, Eli's windows are open so we can hear - of course when they score we can hear the yelling anyway.)
Morgan asks Eli if he should close the windows, Eli says yes, Morgan tells Eli to close them.

Eli says,
I can't close them, I ate a lot of dinner and I'm too hard for them. They're stronger than me.
Morgan: Should I close them?
Eli: Yes, use your big muscles and mom can use her big little muscles.

This wasn't word for word, but pretty close.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Eli has learned how to ride a bike. We were at the Hartson's Saturday night and he tried out one of their bikes. He was able to pedal it and ride around. The Hartson's let us borrow the bike and Eli has loved riding around on it.

Meanwhile Josh is DEMANDING to feed himself. We had Swedish pancakes (crepes) for dinner and he loved them, he ate 4 himself. (The same amount that Eli did.) He doesn't want to eat something unless he is putting it into his mouth himself. He'll even try to use a fork or spoon.

And then last night we were having dessert, ice cream and cake. Josh would scream and cry if cake was on his spoon, if it were ice cream he would look at it, stop crying and eat. Cake and he would cry and once Morgan got it in his mouth he would calm down a little and swallow it.

Last Story:

Last night Eli was telling Morgan about how he was going to get married.

Eli: Dad, I'm going to marry Aga.
Morgan: What?
Eli: My wife's name is Aga Lasley
Morgan: Agatha?
Eli: No, Aga Lasley. I'm going to say, Do you want to come to my wedding, and she'll say yes and then we'll get married.

So if any of you meet an Aga out there, just let us know! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What because? Why?

Eli is learning. And as such he would always ask us, "What because?" A week ago Morgan decided that it was time to teach Eli the correct way to speak/ask and so whenever he would ask us using that phrase, we would try and get him to use Why? instead.

Why did we do that?

Now Eli is constantly asking Why? It really is like those movies with kids never ending, always saying one little word. Why? Why? Why? Sometimes I will ask him why what? to try and get him to tell me exactly what it is he is wondering about.

But since we want Eli to learn that he can always come to us for any questions that he is we have to start now answering his questions even if it is the same thing over and over, why is the sky blue? etc.
I will admit that sometimes, especially if I am driving in the car, I will just ignore the question, try to distract him by pointing out flags, or tell him that I can't talk right then since I am driving. But hopefully I don't put him off too often, because he sure is cute!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

1st Year Pictures - Take 2

Cast Off!

Josh and his worn out cast.

Funny face!
At the doctor checking out the cast.

Horray, its off!

Here's a video of Josh walking, cast off and shoes on!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick Sunday

The boys have been sort of sick all last week and Saturday night Morgan checked temperatures and the boys and I all had slight fevers. Morgan, being the responsible person that he is, said that we couldn't go to church the next day because we didn't want to get other people sick. I was bummed out because I wanted to be there to help the primary practice for the program which will be next week. AAHH! Anyway...

I let the boys play with their trucks and tractors and just had to take pictures of them. Josh was trying to walk and push his like Eli did, but it didn't really work out so well.

"Vroom, vroom."

Serious Joshua

Trying to be like Eli, but that cast gets in the way.

Eli driving around.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We went to the arboretum for the first time yesterday. We had a great time with the boys and they enjoyed it too!

Eli feeding the goldfish

Trying to feed the fish.
Eli liked this flower.
Josh wants to get as close to the water as he can.
Sweet boy
Yum, corn!
Such a happy boy!
Not happy without his cup.