Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Love Jillian Michaels

I got home from Christmas weighing a few more pounds than when I had left. I wasn't happy with my weight to begin with because I had not lost much of my pregnancy weight.

Cheyenne had told me about The 17 Day Diet that she was thinking of starting so I went to the library to check it out. While I was there I also decided to get a Jillian Michael's workout DVD.

I really like The 17 Day Diet. I have modified my own eating to be sort of following it. I just don't have the resources to buy the exact foods that he talks about, but we are eating a lot more salads and feeling healthier.

In the mornings I wake up at 6am to read my scriptures. After I'm done reading I like to exercise before the kids wake up.  I started doing the Jillian workouts and they kicked my trash. They were so difficult but I loved them! Since my first workout I've borrowed 2 others from the library and will go again tomorrow to get a new DVD. (I can only keep them for 2 weeks from the library.)

Previously I did a Leslie Sansome "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD. I've had this one for three years and I liked it. It was good, I felt like I was working out. Usually I would do the 2 mile or 1 mile workout. I just didn't have time to do a 3 mile. The problem was I felt that this was more for maintaining weight. I just wasn't loosing weight and that was really frustrating to me.
Plus after a really difficult arm movement or something Leslie will tell you that it is okay to stop with the arms, and just keep walking. That is fine, and when I first started exercising I liked it because I wasn't able to keep up.

Jillian on the other hand encourages me the way I need it now. I need someone to tell me that the workout is going to hurt and be tough. She often says that if you want a body like hers you have to work for it, it doesn't come for free. She reminds me that I am Strong and that I can do hard things.

Ever since I started my modified 17 Day Diet and my Jillian Michaels workouts I have felt better and lost about eight pound since Christmas. I'm hoping to lose a lot more before we head out to Utah in the summer.  I want to be a fit, healthy person. I'm tired of being overweight. And I am going to do the hard work to get the changes I want.

As a side note, I bought the Jillian Michaels 2009 Wii workout.  I Don't Like It one bit. I would not recommend getting it. The avatar doesn't follow your movements very well at all. That is too frustrating for me.  I am working as hard as I can and my person is barely moving. I cannot handle that visual difference. I'll give it a couple more tries but I am probably going to take it back to the store.

Now I know I need the real Jillian Michels and not some Wii workout junk.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Library Fun

Eli came home from school on Tuesday talking about how he HAD to go to the local library that night because Dan Wardell was going to be there with the Cat in the Hat.

Dan Wardell is on Iowa Public Television and always encourages kids to turn off the tv, play and read. I knew the boys would enjoy his presentation so we ate our dinner quickly and all went to the library.

We got there a minute or two after it started so the boys and I squeezed ourselves in and found a place to sit down (I even got a chair!).

Noelle was very tired so Morgan kept he out in the main library so she could fall asleep.

We had a really good time and even saw some neighbors of ours there. (They were the nice ones who took this picture for me since I had forgotten my camera!).

Friday, January 13, 2012

4 = 30

When does 4 inches of snow equal 30 inches of snow?  When you live in Iowa.  

Yesterday we got our first snow, the official count was three to five inches in Waterloo.  But because of the crazy winds that we get, there were drifts of 30 inches in some places.  I don't really understand it, it feels like that had to be more snow than that.

Picking Eli up from school yesterday was crazy!  I went a little bit early hoping I could get  spot in the (small) parking lot/pick up area. As I was driving up I saw that there were alot of spaces open, Horray!

Unfortunately I couldn't get in because other cars were blocking the entrance, I think that two of them may have been stuck.  I didn't want to stop traffic behind me so I drove around a different way.  On my way back I saw that cars were still stuck and blocking the drive.  So I continued around again.

The third time I came to the entrance of the parking lot there were people pushing the stuck car out of the way.  I was able to get into the parking lot and found a nice place to park.  Josh had fallen asleep amid all of my driving around and  I didn't want to get Noelle out.
I asked the principal (who is always outside when the kids get out of school) if she would just keep an eye on my van while I ran in the school to get Eli.  I hurried in got Eli and got out of that crazy mess.

Today the roads are a lot better.  It is nice to have snow, it makes it feel more like winter and it helps with the crops later on, but I am really glad that the roads are clear.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today I am not doing so well. I'm not doing badly, I just don't have any motivation and feel a little depressed. I have started my resolutions for this year. I made a Daily To Do List for myself. My list includes:
1. Read Scriptures
2. Exercise
3. Clean something
4. Writers Domain - (my at-home job)
5. Read to the Kids
6. Call Family
7. Play Active Wii Games

I also have a goal to lose thirty pounds by the end of June. Hopefully I can get this baby weight off.

Anyway, last night the kids did not sleep well, which means I did not sleep well.  When Noelle was first born she was a sleeping champ. Ever since she turned six months hold she wakes up more and more. The hardest part for me, is that since Morgan is the seminary teacher and gets up at 4:40am I feel like I can't let her cry it out at night. Morgan needs his sleep so he can get all of his work done.

Because of the rough night I turned my alarm off and slept in this morning. So I only got 1 chapter of scriptures read, rather than the usual five I am able to do. It also meant that I didn't get to do my exercises before it was time to get the kids ready for school. Now I am stuffing myself with left over Christmas candy. I need to clean my bedroom and finish putting away the Christmas boxes. I just don't have the motivation.
So, I'm writing here because sometimes when I write my negative feelings it helps me let them go so I can move on and do something else. Hopefully today gets better.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


The last Christmas break post.

We had a great time visiting my brother Daniel and seeing his puppies. We also helped Jacob and Kim move apartments.

We went bowling and played games with Beth, Wade, Shannon & Kyle although I didn't take very many pictures.

We had a great visit with our friends the Ortegas.  Again, only 1 picture.

My new niece Lily was born and it was great to get to meet her.

Finally we enjoyed swimming in the pool at the hotel.  This time Noelle and I even went swimming.

E & J with the puppies

We let Noelle have one or two small touches. 

Don't you think we need a dog?

At the bowling alley

Eli was very serious about his play, and had a great time. 

Morgan and Noelle took a nap while the rest of us played Ticket to Ride Cards

Noelle really liked her oldest cousin B. 

This is Josh with Bella Ortega, the only picture I took. 

Me and Lily

Morgan and Lily 

Josh loved holding her. 

Noelle is ready to swim!

E jumping in the pool 

We used this to wear the boys out after being in the car all day. 

Josh making a splash. 

Happy Noelle 

Morgan and Noelle in the swimming pool 

Finally, we made it home and enjoyed playing with some new toys. 

Almost Christmas

The boys, playing at the mall after watching Alvin & the Chipmunks

Eli climbing Grandma & Grandpa's tree. 

Where's Eli?

Singing carols on Christmas

Noelle wanted the presents, or at least their paper

Noelle got her first stuffed dog

Each boy got a book for Christmas

E & J excited about their new scarfs and games.

Eli hugging Melissa after giving her a pair of gloves. 

Josh got a new shirt.

So did Eli 

Pretty Noelle 

A Very Happy Baby

Fun new Soccer Ball!

Palmer Party

We had a great time at the Kimballs for the annual Palmer Christmas Party.  We had a delicious dinner, played Bunkco had a White Elephant party and then a Santa Claus came to visit.

Josh loving his cousins

H. shared her goodies with him

Eli doing a Ninja pose

Getting ready for the White Elephant exchange

White Elephant Party

Noelle loves her Daddy

Cheyenne got the best present...a portrait of brother-in-law Kyle.
(This particular portrait has been passed around several years...we like to share the love.)

Our hostess, just days before giving birth. 

Here come Santa Claus 

Noelle got to be first.  She was fine with Santa

Because she got to eat paper. 

Eli and Josh waiting their turn. 

Melissa playing with Noelle 

Josh LOVED Santa.  Earlier in the evening he just went and leaned up against him. 

Josh and Santa 

Eli and Santa 

Santa with the cousins...Noelle was not happy at this point.