Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mysteries of Child Raising

I have discovered one of the mysteries of being a parent.

If mom is trying to get work done on the computer the kids have nothing to do and need her constant attention. They constantly ask to use their own electronics.

If mom is cleaning the kids suddenly know that it is time to make forts, play tag, hide-and-go-seek, or otherwise entertain themselves with no need to ask mom "what can I do?"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, but it feels like Mother's Day to me.

I woke up this morning to find that Morgan had put the car seats back in the van so I wouldn't have to. (He was gone all day Friday and Saturday for Youth Conference w/ the van, then he left early in the morning for Bishopric meeting.)

After church the kids and I headed home and I started them on lunch. Morgan came home just as we were finishing. I went and put Noelle down for her nap and then decided to lie down as well. I hadn't slept well since Thursday night and was exhausted.  Morgan joined me after he finished his lunch.

I got up around 3pm because I knew that Noelle would be waking up soon and needed supervision. When I got downstairs I saw that Morgan had taken care of the breakfast and lunch dishes for me.

And of course for dinner Morgan chose to have bratwurst, which is something he cooks on the grill.

Right now Morgan is teaching Eli how to do the dishes.

All I have to say is that I chose the perfect man. 

Happy Father's Day, Morgan!

Friday, June 7, 2013


One of the ways that Morgan and I punish our children is by making them run laps around the house. Usually they are fighting because they have too much energy, and running around the house burns it out of them.

Poor Noelle is not old enough to run around the house for punishment yet. I say poor Noelle because she always gets sad when her brothers 'get' to run around the house and she does not.

Well, I just sent Josh around the house for kicking Eli and Noelle comes running upstairs begging "me run around house?  Please, Mom!"

I told her that she could go if Eli went with her.

So she turns to Eli, "Please run around house Eli!"

Eli agrees and asks how many times they should go around the house. I tell him that once will be enough but Noelle says, "TWO."

So Josh is running around the house for punishment, Noelle for fun and Eli to be a good brother.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding Weekend!

Morgan's brother Guy married Allison on May 25th. We went up to St. Paul/Minneapolis area for the weekend.

These first pictures are ones that Allison's brother took.

We got to St. Paul Friday so that Morgan and I could go to the temple during the same session where Allison received her endowment. Afterwards most of the Lasley's went to a local zoo to walk around.

Noelle was super tired (no nap) and really wanted a stroller. We rented one from the zoo. However, once we got near the animals she wanted to be out so that she could see them all!

There is a Tiger behind Eli. 

This big cat was walking right next to the glass. 

Checking out the Lion. 

Family photo with the Flamingos 

Oma gave Josh a piggy-back ride. 

Noelle was more interested in checking out the gorilla than getting her picture taken. 

Saturday was a beautiful day. A little bit cool, but perfect for some outdoor photos

The temple grounds keepers hadn't planted all of the flowers yet, so Noelle got an up close view of them. 

The Lasleys

Noelle and her cousin, Anne 
There was a great little circular path that the kids ran around while we waited for Guy and Allison to come out of the temple.

Morgan and Melissa 
Josh got upset about something and sat on a bench being grumpy for a while. 

Morgan tried to cheer him up. 

Allison and Guy!

Done with PreSchool!

Josh had his PreSchool graduation a few weeks ago. Morgan got off work so that he, Noelle and I could all go together. The kids sang a lot of different songs and had a good time. Best of all, Josh got to come home from school early!

Noelle took this picture of Morgan. 

We had  bit of time to wait outside before the kids came out. So Noelle entertained us by making funny faces and taking pictures!

Here comes Josh!

Being Silly!