Friday, March 22, 2013


I look over at Josh this morning and see that he is in his school clothes (polo and nice slacks). I tell him that he doesn't have to wear school clothes today because it is Spring Break.

He looks and me and starts, "But, Mom..."

Eli breaks in and says that Josh wants to look nice today.

Guy and his fiance, Allison, are coming to visit this afternoon. Josh wanted to look handsome for when they come to visit.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break so Far

Spring Break is officially here.  They say that Spring has started too, but I don't believe it. Yesterday we had a high of 19 degrees, but the winds were ferocious. I would have sent the kids outside to play, but I didn't even want to go outside to throw out the trash.

Instead of playing outside I had the kids work on building things for a while. They had a lot of fun making different contraptions.

Noelle has really enjoyed having her brothers around for the week. She runs around with them and tries to wrestle with them too.

No Spring Break would be complete without a disaster, or two.  It started Tuesday when Josh came downstairs to tell me that he and Eli broke the window in my bedroom.

I went upstairs to check it out, and sure enough the glass was completely broken in one of our windows. I sent the boys to their bedroom with the instructions to not come out until it was clean.

I posted on Facebook about it, and wrote wondering what else could happen.  Apparently I should have knocked on wood instead.

I got home from shopping Tuesday night to find that Eli had fallen off the couch into the wall and cut his head open.  I took him to the Convenient Care where they put 2 staples in.

Eli was actually really brave during the whole thing, sitting still and letting the doctor do his work.  The nurse was very impressed and sounded surprised that he was only 6 years old. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Great Weekend

Friday night after Morgan got off of work we headed down to Trenton Missouri. Morgan's brother Pete and his wife Emily moved down there with their two kids, Henry and Anne a few months ago.

We wanted to visit them, see their new house and hang out with them again.  The drive was long....just over 4 hours. The kids watched a bunch of movies and Josh and Noelle both fell asleep on the way down.

The weekend was nice and relaxing. We slept in, the kids played outside and in the basement and we just had a good time being together and talking.

We left Monday morning and made our way back to Waterloo.

Now I've got a whole week of Spring Break to spend with the kids. Right now they are building castles and death traps with some of our blocks and toys. Horray for spending time without electronics!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Eli and Josh are going to take one month of gymnastics.  Last Tuesday was their first time, and they will get to go tonight, and then twice more.  They had a lot of fun and have been very excited about it.  Here are some pictures and videos that I took while we were there last week.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Many Made This Mess?

The answer is (mostly) 1.  Eli's bedrooms is actually a bit cleaned up before I took this picture.  Who is the messy kid in our family?  I'll give you a hint...its the girl who started cleaning up her clothes after I saw them all on the floor.

Eli picking up books. 

Cleaning up. 

I actually called Noelle into her room to take a picture with her mess. But instead of obliging me, she just started cleaning everything up. She loves to clean and I was surprised at her thoroughness.

You would think with three kids who can make life so crazy that I would be done having kids, but that is not the case.  I am 9 weeks pregnant today.  We told the kids on Sunday. I have been pretty sick and tired, so we thought we should let them know why. My due date won't be until October, but we are excited about our little Alliquippa. 

This pregnancy has been killer on me. I think there are two possible reasons: 1) I am having another girl  'cause I was super sick with Noelle. or 2) I am getting old and my body doesn't want me to go through this hard job any more. 

I have started taking naps (which I NEVER do) and one night I went to bed at 6:30pm because I was wasted after shoveling the snow earlier in the day.  Morgan has now asked me to stop shoveling snow, but it is hard to not want to when we get 10 inches every time and he is busy at work.  I am working hard to not go out and shovel today even though it is piling up outside. 

I have also been crazy emotional.  Sometimes I feel so sick I want to cry, but usually my emotions get the better of me when I am driving.  The other day a car did not follow the rules at a 4-way stop when I was dropping Josh off at school. I knew he wouldn't but I was so mad, that I wanted to cry. 

Later I was stuck in a line waiting for my turn to go. I had a yield and there as a long line in the lane that had the right-of-way. I knew that it was going to take forever to get out of there. But then a wonderfully nice man in a truck waved me forward and let me go before him! I was so happy I got tears in my eyes. 

Pregnancy...go figure. 

Sweet Bunny

My mom had been working on a crocheted bunny to give to Noelle for her 1st birthday. She finally got it finished and sent it in the mail.  When Noelle opened the package she just started saying "Yay!"

Noelle is giving her bunny a kiss. 

Here you can see the bunny's face. 


Family Home Evening

Monday nights are Family Home Evening in our family. We take turns conducting, giving a lesson, choosing an activity, and picking the treat for the family. A few weeks ago we had some coconut cookies for our treat and I decided to get out the left over cool whip. We just dipped our cookies in and had a good time.