Friday, April 27, 2012

2nd Update

So Morgan and I have a part-time job writing content. We have been taking turns deciding what to purchase with our funds. First we bought Morgan a handgun, so then it was my turn. I really wanted to get a new dining room table. It took us two and a half months, but we finally got it!  I am very happy to have it.

Empty dining room. 

Here's the new table. It has 2 leafs so it can seat 10 people. 

Happy ELi

Eli is sitting on the bench we bought to go with it. 

Josh showing his car. 

Josh and Noelle playing with train tracks. 
Josh had a final field trip to the Fire Station for his school.  He had a great time learning all about what firemen do and all of their equipment.

Josh and his class. 

He's checking out other kids in this picture. 

Noelle was happy to be there too. 

Playing Catch-Up

Sorry I've been so bad about posting lately.  I have been doing a lot of work on my part-time job and it is keeping me busy.

I have decided that Noelle's birthday cake is going to be a carrot cake. We have some pictures of her eating some below, and she did really well with ti. It was nice that the carrot cake was firm enough that she could just pick it up and take a bite of it.

With the nice Spring weather we have also been going to parks a lot of playing outside as much as we can. Eli and Josh are getting really good at T-ball, but I don't have any pictures of that.

Noelle and her cake.

Yummy cake1

Josh and Eli making faces

This is what I got when I asked for nice smiles. 

The boys played with blocks and Eli made a tower as tall as him. 

Josh pulled Noelle around in the block wagon. 

Noelle loves crawling around at the park. 

Our boys never do things the traditional way. 

Eli the climber

Josh is upside down!

Noelle wanted to check the playground out. 

Noelle and Melissa going down the slide. 

Noelle climbed down our front steps for this picture. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Growing Up

We are no longer wrapping Noelle up in the baby burrito when we put her to sleep. She has been having a hard time going back to sleep when she wakes up at night. We are hoping that if we train her to go to sleep without being wrapped up that she can put herself back to sleep.

It isn't perfect yet, but she seems to be falling asleep alright with this new method. Hopefully she will get more sleep so Morgan and I can get more sleep.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Sunday was a really good day.  The Easter Bunny - who Eli and Josh say is Mom - came and left some goodies. Eli got a 'big kid booster seat', a chocolate bunny and a Reeses egg.  Josh got a chocolate bunny, a Reeses peanut butter egg, some new underwear and a baseball glove (he's wanted one for a while.)  Eli and Josh also gota new hamper for their clothes. Oh - each of the boys got a new Sunday shirt as well.
Noelle got a new dress and some pretty bows. Morgan got a Reeses peanut butter bunny and Reeses PB eggs, and I got Reeses PB eggs, and a Dove chocolate bunny.

I really love that our kids get so excited about getting useful things as gifts. Granted, I think anyone would be excited about getting out of a carseat and into the next step of booster seat.

We had a mellow morning with our colored eggs for breakfast and pancakes for lunch. I took pictures of the kids in their Sunday clothes, Noelle was too cute, I couldn't stop taking pictures of her! :)

We had a nice time at church. Our family sang in the choir, the kids got to help sing Teach Me to Walk in the Light, then the adults sang This Easter Morn. After church we went to a friend's home for dinner. Eli and Josh had a great time playing with their friends and we had fun socalizing. We got to bed around 9pm, but it was a great day.

The Goodies 

So excited!

Josh with his underwear and baseball glove. 

Eli is showing off his candy. 

The kids got to eat some of their candy before breakfast. 

Josh is eating the ears off his bunny.
Morgan made deviled eggs for his and my breakfast. 

Noelle was a happy baby. 

Here is Noelle in her new dress and bows. 

Noelle loves baths and wanted to get in with Josh. 

Isn't she just too cute!

Add caption

Eli ... the ninja boy


Eli and Josh are such great brothers. 

They LOVE holding Noelle 

My sweet kiddos

Me and my kids

Morgan didn't want to get on the grass, so we just took his picture with Noelle. 

Dyeing Eggs and Fish Fillets

Saturday evening we dyed our Easter eggs. Everyone got five eggs to dye any way they would like. Morgan always does cool designs on his. This time he did the Sig Sauer logo (its a gun maker) and a picture of a guy shooting a gun. I made a little Mockingjay egg and Eli and Josh colored on their eggs a little bit.

Morgan also did our family/

This is a guy shooting a gun.
Saturday night I didn't want to spend a lot of time making dinner so I decided trying to fry some salmon fillets. I had seen a recipe on the back of my cornmeal bag, and I decided to try it.  It actually turned out really, really well if I say so myself!  I also made green beans and we had leftover oriental chicken salad, green salad, and fruit cocktail for dinner. Eli and Josh both loved it as well.