Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had a really good Easter weekend. Morgan didn't have to work Friday so Thursday night we used a gift card and went out to dinner then came home and the whole family watched Megamind. We all really enjoyed it, it is one that I would like to own sometime.
Friday morning was spent cleaning, organizing, and decluttering the house. We didn't get to too much work upstairs, but it was good. We also dyed Easter Eggs Friday. Morgan's did the first two pictures, he really likes to try different designs.
Friday night the Easter Bunny came and the boys got some flashlights and cars in their baskets and then we had a little egg hunt.
Sunday we went to church then had several people over for an Easter dinner. It was a really great weekend.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Long Weekend

Our long weekend has started. Because we live in Iowa Eli and Morgan get Good Friday off school and work. We started out last night by using a gift certificate to out to dinner as a family and then we came home and watched Megamind. We all really enjoyed it, although Josh did fall asleep during them movie (we were up late).

Today our plan is to clean up the house a little bit and dye Easter Eggs. I'm not sure what else we might do, a lot of playing together and being lazy. In other words, perfect.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sales People

A while ago I put my name in a raffle to try and win a free washer/dryer. I didn't, but the people did call me and asked to send a representative over to show us a water softening system and they would give us a $20.00 restaurant gift card just for listening. I said yes, the guy came over, spent 1-2 hours with us and we told him we weren't interested.

Morgan asked me never to do that again. And I didn't plan too. In fact I have told myself that if I ever have someone trying to sell me something like that to tell them straight off that I WILL NOT buy something today. Morgan and I have an understanding that we always sleep on big decisions.

Well earlier this week a guy stopped by to sell me a vacuum system. I tried to tell him we don't have much carpet, but before I knew it I was showing him my living room - to prove my point - and then he went and got a girl to show me the vacuum since he knew I'd be more comfortable that way.

As it happened I didn't get the chance to say to them, I WILL NOT buy this vacuum today, but figured I'd let them clean my carpet and they would just have to deal with it. If they don't give me a chance to say anything to them then they have to deal with the results of their pushiness.

So she vacuumed our carpets and even shampooed the whole living room - I was surprised at how much of a difference there wasn't. With the white carpet I thought it would be a lot worse. It looks nicer, but not freakishly so.

They whole ordeal ended up lasting about 2 hours. I put away my groceries, washed dishes and made dinner while the girl was here. I don't have time just to sit and watch her vacuum, I had a Lamaze class to go to that night.

Anyway, the manager comes back and tries to sell it to me, I tell him I don't really need it - Morgan is only waiting for me to name the day and he'll pull the carpet up - and most importantly I cannot afford 2000 on a vacuum.

They tried their best to sell us the vacuum, going lower and lower in price. Some of my favorite lines were that
"Everyone deserves this good vacuum."

"You have the money, you just don't want to pay it." - Sorry dude, I don't have the money and I'm not going to finance one through you or through my credit card.

"She's worked so hard and she's trying to earn a trip." - To that I responded, As much a I like her, I'm not going to buy a vacuum just so she can go on a trip. He was like of course, not, that's not what I was saying. And I thought, then why did you say it?

Anyway, I liked the vacuum I just don't have the money for it. I do feel unsettled about the whole experience though. I hate how they were trying to guilt us into this. And I know I did let them into my home, I could have been more forthright and less accommodating.

I know this will probably happen again at some point so I have modified my opening sentence.

I will not purchase what you are offering me today. If you cannot offer me the same promotional price a week from today then I will not purchase this item. If this is a problem, or doesn't work for you, I understand and you can be on your way. I will not change my mind. Do you understand that?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


My sister is AMAZING! She told me that she was going to make something for our new baby and we decided to have her make something for a toddler rather than a baby. I opened up the box she gave me and there was the most amazing dress I've seen. I got a little teary-eyed just amazed at its beauty and all of the time and work that she put into it. I new I had to share the beauty of the dress with the world since Sacajawea won't be able to wear it for a was all I could do not to put the dress on Josh!

Anyway, Thank YOU, Cherie. I love it and it is beautiful.


Uncle Dan got his mission call to Honduras. We thought we took a video of him opening the call, but it apparently didn't work. Sorry folks.

3 Little cousins watching Word World on the computer.

We got the movie Tangled and the boys LOVE it! Anytime that I let them pick a movie for 'rest time' they are always picking that one.

Josh fell asleep.

He was on Morgan's lap but Morgan needed to get up so he left him on the chair.

I can't imagine that it was very comfortable.

Other things that have happened...Morgan and I took our first overnight trip away from the boys. I've been away from the kids, he's been away from the kids, but this was the first time we've been away together. Morgan had a conference in Iowa City and I decided to tag along with him. Oma and Opa Lasley watched the boys for us and Eli and Josh LOVED being there. They through a major tantrum when it was time to leave. :0)

Morgan and I had a good time, he had classes so I either relaxed or shopped. We had fun doing some window shopping together as well as trying out a restaurant and going to one of our favorites...Three Samurai.

We stayed at the Sheridan, and it was fine. I loved the bed, very soft and very comfortable but that is the best we can say for the place. They charged for EVERYTHING, minus TV. They also charged us for breakfast Friday $24 +tax and haven't refunded us yet so I will call again Monday if they don't get their act together.

Also, I have started my job with Boostability. We got the power cable we needed for Morgan's old laptop and fixed it up so I can do the work on that computer. I only did a little yesterday, but I am enjoying it. It is a little more challenging than I expected, but that is nice because it makes me THINK. I think that it will be good for our family.

Morgan and I are taking a Lamaze class that is very informative, it is not just the breathing like it used to be known for. We have also started a Marriage Strengthening course through the church. So two nights a week we are busy away from the kids, Monday is Family Home Evening and the rest we are just exhausted. So today is a nice mellow day at home. We've already played Super Mario Brothers, read books, had haircuts and showers/baths and now Morgan and the boys are playing with his electric guitar. Josh is crying so I better see whats up.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Josh is Silly

Joshua loves medicine. Eli does too, but since Josh often doesn't have to take any if he is hurt at all he will ask for some. He had a fever recently so we were getting ready to give him some Children's Tylenol. He started singing a song about how he got to have medicine. When I went to record it he stopped, and while I tried to get him to sing again he ended up going with a 'performance' of his own.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Think I'm a Little Weird

As I was planning dinner for tonight I realized that I'm a little weird. I like to plan my meals so that we have left-overs for Morgan to take to work, but today I realized that I planned meals based on how quickly we would need to eat them, and how much time I would have to prepare them. Take this week as an example.

Yesterday I made Chicken Curry for dinner. Morgan and I had a Lamaze class to be to at 6:30 and we were feeding the missionaries. Curry is an easy rice and sauce meal that is filling and can be eaten quickly. Plus there would be left-overs.

Tonight I was going to make Zucchini muffins and sausage since we have plenty of curry for lunch tomorrow but I realized that Thursday Morgan and I have Marriage Strengthening course that begins at 6:30 so muffins would be a faster dinner that night.

So now my plan is a Spinach Quiche for tonight, zucchini muffins for tomorrow, curry for Morgan's lunches and Friday we'll pick something else off the list.

Sometimes I think I am a little weird about this whole "home-maker" thing, but it is just easier for me to be organized, have things planned out, and not have to stress about things as the moment comes.

So I AM a little weird, but it works for me.