Friday, October 14, 2016

My hair was getting super long, so it was time for a haircut. I really love the ease of having short hair, so that is what I did.

Before and after shots.

Kayaking at George Wyth Park

Josh is trying out his new kayak for the first time!

Mom and Noelle out on the water!

Josh's paddle / combined with the wind made it a little too hard for him.

So Morgan, Josh and Jet got in my big kayak, Eli got in Josh's smallest kayak, and Noelle and I were in Eli's medium Kayak. It felt a little like the 3 bears. :) But it was WONDERFUL to have all of us out on the water at the same time.

We explored Brinker Lake and George Wyth state park. We went into a lot of little shallow areas.

The water is about 6 inches dip in this area.

Eli was tired with all of our paddling.

A good day on the water.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Kids are Smart

Before the school year started we had a meeting regarding Eli's schooling. He did excellent on his 4th grade tests 99 in Reading, 98 in Math and 97 in Science. His ELP (Extended Learning Program) teacher wanted to accelerate him to 6th grade math.

In the end we decided to have him go to the 7th grade math class / the same as 6th grade accelerated math. (It just worked out better for the schedule.)

Then the Bunger Middle School ELP teacher looked at his testing and wanted to see about having him skip 5th grade and just move up to 6th grade. Eli spent a week and a half taking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester literacy tests.

In the end we decided to go ahead and move him up. He started 6th Grade on Thursday, September 29th.

To be an equal-opportunity bragger, here is some info on Josh and Noelle too.

Josh took the FAST test. In the fall they want kids at 90 words per minute, 116 in winter and 131 in spring. In the fall Josh was at 130 wpm.   In 3rd grade, reading 'at level' would be a score of 28-30. Josh's reading level was at 41. (Which also happens to be the base reading level for 5th grade.)

In Kindergarten the expected score on the FAST test for the fall is 34 and Noelle was at a 39, so she is going well in school too.

Jet Turns 3!

It is hard to believe that our baby isn't a baby any more. Jet turned 3 on September 27th.

Josh gave Jet 3 dollars as a birthday gift.

Our home teacher brought Jet this picture of Christ, these balls, and mints and licorice.

Opening presents.

Thanks, Oma & Opa

Horray for trains!

Whenever we asked Jet what he wanted for his birthday he always said a "Fish Cake." Swedish Fish it is!

Jet's doctor appointment scores.

Weight 29 lbs 22%
Height 3' 1" 60%

He is a skinny boy, but growing well.

Josh's Baptism

Josh chose to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Jet is showing me the font.

We set up tables and chairs in the gym for a hot dog lunch afterwards. We got finished early so Eli took time to read on his Kindle.

Josh practiced the piano while he waited to get changed into his baptismal clothes.

My Mom and Dad drove out to Iowa so they could be here for the baptism!

After the baptism we played outside.

Noelle and Anne - best cousin friends. (Mae is running near them.)

Lasleys and Palmers at the Baptism. So many people came from far away. Thank you!

Josh' good friend Luke.

Dog pile.

Way to go, Josh!