Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Day

We had a bunch of friends over to our house on New Years Day to play games. There were 19 kid there!  Crazy!  One of Noelle's friends got make-up for Christmas and brought it over. She nicely put some eye shadow on Noelle, then Noelle decided she wanted to put some on herself, hence the lovely pink eyebrows and 'lipstick.'

We had a great time.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Chillicothe Christmas

We went down to Chillicothe on the Monday before Christmas.

 Jet got to meet Aunt Doris for the first time.

We all got to meet Mike, Amy's fiancee!  We are so excited for them to be married in May.

We had a talent show.  Eli showed off some of his new dance moves.

Josh kept track of the points and told us who was going to go next.

The White Elephant party was a hit. Opa got some fun straw glasses. 
Noelle got marraccas! 
Josh got a bocce ball set.

Noelle also loved to play on Mom's iPad and watch Netflix on it.

We played games...like Spot It!

Morgan and Jet watched movies in the basement.

Unfortunately Christmas Eve was interrupted by two young children throwing up over and over again. Yuck!  They were so worn out, they just laid around on Christmas with their puke buckets.

They did take a break to open their Christmas stockings.

Later in the week Oma took Eli, Josh and Noelle sledding, then Josh and Noelle made snowmen in the yard.

Noelle is making a snow angel.

I love this picture of Oma and Noelle.

Family Christmas

This year we opened most of our presents at home on Monday so that we wouldn't have to take them all with us down to Chillicothe. The kids had a fun time, and it was fun just to do a little Christmas on our own.  We made sure that we took our stockings with us though so that Santa could fill them on Christmas Eve.

Josh is tired and waiting for a present.

Jet got a new ball!

Morgan got a bunch of reloading stuff.

Eli is very excited about his mini-pillow pet.

Jet, with another new toy.

Eli can't wait to see what Josh got!

Melissa got a new pair of running shoes! 

Josh and his pillow pet

Noelle got a Unicorn pillow pet, which she calls a seahorse.

Graham Cracker Houses

Noelle House

This is my house, and that was supposed to be a snowman.

Morgan created the structure of Josh's house and Josh decorated it.

Eli's house has a ladder and a chimney.

My house from the front.
My family often gets together at Christmas time to make Gingerbread houses together. I decided that I wanted to do that with my kids this year, although I didn't want to put forth a lot of effort. So I got store frosting, graham crackers and a few candies for us to make our houses with.

It was a lot of fun!  Morgan is excellent at making the houses. Next year I am going to ask him to make my house and I will decorate it.

It Finally Happened...

I knew that we wouldn't go too long without this happening, but it finally did. Noelle found a pair of kid scissors and decided to cut some of her hair. She didn't cut off the bangs that are constantly in her face, but got some off of the side. It's actually not too noticeable, so that is a good thing, I suppose.


Jet is now 3 months old, but I haven't posted in forever.  A month ago we had his 2 month appointment.  He is a slow grower, but is very alert, attentive and a happy baby. 

At 2 months his weight was 11lb. 4.8 oz (19.7%). His height was 24 inches (83.76%), and his head circumference was 40.6cm (84.7%).  So he is tall and skinny, but doing well.

We have also discovered the Jet is ticklish. He will even laugh when we are tickling him. He will often sleep for 8-10 hours at night. It makes me a little nervous, but our doctor has assured us that it is okay and that he is growing fine. Plus, all of my kids were tall and skinny.