Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Craziness!

Eli's 7th birthday was this past week. We had a lot of fun celebrating with him.

On his birthday Morgan got off work early and we all went bowling together.

Noelle had a hard time understanding that she could not constantly bowl...taking turns was necessary.

After bowling we had Eli's birthday dinner. He requested Subway. We ordered our food and went to a local park to eat.

I had the WORST sandwich ever. The avocado/guacamole was disgusting. It must have been made with completely unripe avocados. I no longer like Subway, too many meals with substandard food. I have also decided that if I am ever going to pay for for guacamole at any restaurant I will ask for a small taste first. I don't want to repeat the experience of having dinner be a trial to eat.

Everyone else liked their food though.

Eli's main birthday present was fixing up a six-speed bike that was given to us. The whole gear system had to be replaced, but he was pretty happy with it. He also got the CTR shirt he is wearing from one set of grandparents and a sweet book from the other set.

Eli saw a box of instant cheese cake at the store and asked to have that for his birthday cake. He kept telling me that it was pie, and I had to tell him it was just shaped like pie, but that this dessert is called cheese cake.

Saturday we had a friend birthday party for Eli.We played some baseball in the yard while we waited for everyone to come.

Then we had a talent show. The invitation asked everyone to bring a talent to share. We got to listen to the violin, the piano, see gymnastics, art work and pogo sticking.

After the talent show the kids all bobbed for apples. It was not easy, and many of the kids ended up quite wet.

Then it was time for the pinata!

And birthday cake. This cake was chocolate with raspberry filling and chocolate ganche frosting.

Family Home Evening

For family home evening the kids wanted to play with Morgan's instruments. They go to play the electric guitar and the trumpet. Sorry no pictures of Josh though.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Vacation!

This year our family vacation was a trip to Nauvoo IL with my parents and my brother Daniel w/ his family. They arrived in Waterloo Friday night and we spent the weekend at our house. 

We saved sparklers to do with family!

Noelle kept trying to blow her sparklers out!

Monday Daniel and Erin went to check out DMU. Hopefully he can get into PA school there. While they were busy doing that the rest of us went to the Blank Park Zoo. 

Riding the carousel.

Playing the drums.

Checking out Giraffes

We heard that the camel ride was great, so we got tickets for all of the kids. Kylie was a little nervous at first, but she enjoyed it too!

Noelle needed an adult to go with her, so I was the lucky one!

The petting zoo!

Train Ride!

Eli and Josh LOVED being in the tunnel!

Out to Nauvoo - welcome to humidity!

We walked the Trail of Hope first.

The Nauvoo Temple

All of the kids LOVED throwing rocks into the Mighty Mississippi!

Carthage Jail

Sometimes we needed a break from the historical buildings and need to play at a local park. 

I had to take a picture of Noelle's cute hair-do...while it still looked good!

Carriage Ride to the North of Nauvoo.

Eli and Josh wanted to take pictures too. Their favorite subject...the horse's bum. 

Playing with sticks while we wait.

Noelle was not loving this one.

This swing was a greatly loved by the children, and caused a LOT of injuries. 

Getting ready to see Just Plain Anna Amanda

Eli got an early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa

Our last morning we went to the Women's Garden. The kids got to run around before we had our car ride back to Waterloo. 

Fighting over Noelle's horse.

Look Mom! I broke the rules and picked a flower!

Ring A Round the Rosy

Noelle kept trying to call Grandpa on the phone.  Unfortunately her phone was also her shoe, so she didn't get any reception.