Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunrise Petting Zoo

Yesterday Eli and I went to the Sunrise Petting Zoo in Waterloo. It was a nice place, free to get just have to buy any food you want to feed to the animals and they do have a donation box. Eli really liked the goats and the little chickens. They've got goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, chicks, a turkey, a pig/hog, miniature horses, donkeys, emu's and I'm not really sure what else. Not all of the animals were in petting areas, but most of them were.

The funniest thing happened when Eli and I were feeding the chicks and one of the donkeys let out a long, loud bray. It scared Eli so badly that he jumped and started to cry, but once I showed him it was just the donkey "talking" then he was okay, but he did stay close to me until the donkey was done.

Then last night Morgan got home from taking the Iowa Bar Exam. The test was from Monday to Wednesday in Des Moines. He got to stay in Ames with Pete and Emily which was great for us. Now we have to wait until September 12th to get the scores and he will be sworn in on the 19th of September. So now we play the waiting game - waiting for scores and waiting for baby.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The First Post

So my previous website has been down for almost a month and I am tired of not being able to post. Morgan has been after me to just switch to blogger but I have been hesitant. Well, no longer. Life is to exciting to not share with the world. At least there is usually one or two exciting or funny things that happen in a week that I want to share with people so they think that my whole life is exciting when really it is a lot of the same.

I don't know if that made sense or not. Anyway, here is a list of the things I wish could have posted in the last month.
  • We moved from Coralville, IA to Waterloo, IA
  • We have a lovely duplex with a decent yard and room for visitors. (COME!)
  • Eli turned 2 years old. He loves his new basketball hoop.
  • Sam & Amber had a great reception in Chillicothe celebrating their marriage.
  • I now use a clothesline to dry some of my clothes. It makes me feel very pioneer-y.
  • Morgan is coming home today from Des Moines after taking the Iowa State Bar Exam!
  • A lot of funny/silly things happened but I don't remember them anymore.
So this is my new blog. Can anyone tell me how to change the background into one of the beautiful ones that I see floating around the internet? What is the secret?