Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Changing Rooms

Morgan and I were talking one day and I mentioned that I really wanted to move Noelle and Jet into the same bedroom. We had a free Saturday and just decided to do it.

Previously, Noelle was in the Blue room and all 3 boys were in the Green room. We moved Eli and Josh's bunkbeds into the Blue room and moved Noelle's stuff into the Green room. At the same time, we moved Jet out of his crib and into a toddler bed.

Noelle's old room, all cleared out.

Getting ready to dismantle the bunkbeds.

We moved as much as we could into the master bedroom.

We thought we could get it through, but no such luck. The beds needed to be completely disassembled.

Josh helped a lot.

Jet was hiding between mattresses.

Bunkbeds in the Blue room!

Enjoying the new space!

Some air was caught under Eli's sheets, he said it made it feel like he was on a waterbed.

Time to say good-bye to the crib.

Time to move back in.

Ta-da! Noelle and Jet sharing a room.

Jet is pretty excited about his bed!

The move has been a really good thing. Jet actually goes to bed on time now (apparently Eli and Josh would play with him and keep him up.) Eli and Josh also get to stay up a little bit later now that we don't have to put them to bed the same time Jet goes to bed.

Also - Eli and Josh are keeping their bedroom very clean now that the little kids are not allowed to go in. :)