Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Setting up the tree.

Playing chess.

Eli and Josh got protective gear for their air-soft guns. Everyone had to try it out.

Cheyenne & Hayden came to visit!

Joshua had a concert at school. Too bad my camera battery ran out!

At least we got one shot!


Thanksgiving at Oma & Opa's means going to the park!

Morgan and Uncle Guy pushed the kids. Eventually we took off the really littles and let them push it SUPER FAST!

It's a blur!

School Fun

The students at Lowell had a fundraiser. Our goal was to sell $5000 worth of product. If we reached our goal then the PTO and Staff let the kids know that we would do Pie in the Face on some of the teachers.

I worked with the principal of the school and she was able to get 16 volunteers to get pie in the face. That meant that each class would have one student that could participate.

Josh was able to sit on the stage for a front row seat because he was nominated as a Star Student for the month.

The Kindergarteners got to go first! The principle is the one on the left.

Josh's name got drawn from his class!

He took his time, smooshing the pie on the teacher's face. (He knew her well from Lego League.)

She got him back by putting some of the pie on his face!

Eli was the only student in his class that particiapted in the fundraiser, so I knew that he would be the one that got to do the pie. He knew ahead of time that he had the opportunity, so he came up with a plan.

Eli pied himself!

And showed off for the whole school.

The teachers were not having it, and told him that he had to pie the teacher as well.

Jet and Noelle were with me and had fun watching me get the 'pie' ready. (It wasn't really pie. Just whipped topping on paper plates. :)