Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's February!


I am adding a post to the blog because it has been a while. I don't have any pictures for today because I am too lazy to get out the camera and upload them. So you will just have to deal with a written update.

Morgan: Very busy with work. Things are going well there, but he is having to deal with rotating staff. Some people are leaving and so they have to train new hires. He will be doing a lot of traveling in the next few weeks. He will be going to Texas for a firm retreat.

He did have 2 trips scheduled to Little Rock, Arkansas Thursday-Friday and then Sunday-Monday. I called him at work and said the Scheduler in me says why don't you just go Thursday-Monday. He talked  to his boss and will actually be going Wednesday - Monday now.

Melissa: Very busy with being the PTO president. We are currently doing our World's Finest candy bar fundraiser, which means that I am at the school everyday before school starts for parents to come in and pick up or pay for chocolate that they have sold.

I was also recently called as the Relief Society secretary (again) so we are dealing with a new presidency and finding times to meet and just get organized.

Eli: Eli is in the Jr. Lego League at school and stays after one day a week to work on his project. He also LOVES to read. He always gets mad at Morgan and I for telling him that he has to stop reading to eat, go to bed, get dressed for school, have family scriptures, have family prayer, get out the door, take a bath. The list goes on. He constantly has his nose in a book.

Josh: Josh recently started piano lessons and is doing really well with it. He has fun with school and recently came home with a board game that he designed and created. It was a pretty fun little game. It had you do physical things if you landed on different squares such as: run outside, hop on one foot, do a summersault.

Noelle: Noelle loves the colors purple and pink. They are her absolute favorites. She also really loves My Little Ponies and was excited to get a MLP doll as a Valentine's day present from Mom and Dad. She keeps asking when she gets to go to school and I have to tell her that it is not until after Summer.

Jet: Jet is not talking much, but he does let us know how he is feeling. We recently took away his pacifiers because Morgan was concerned about his teeth. Now we are lucky if Jet takes 1 nap instead of the 2 that he was getting before. Bed time is also a struggle, but more because he wants to stay up and play with his brothers when they are reading in bed.

So that is our life. I'll try to update again soon.