Saturday, September 13, 2014


My dad hurt his arm a week before he and my mom came out to visit. You can see that his left arm has a wrap around it.

Well, a week or so after my parents left Noelle came up to me and said, "Look, I'm Grandpa!'  It took me a second to realize that she was copying his wrapped up arm. :)

Jet is a CLIMBER! he loves to get on top of this chair and look out the window.

Jet also likes to play with the computer. Good thing that is the old one, which we reserve for the kids.

School Starts!

The school year has started again!

Josh is is 1st grade this year with Mrs. McCarty as his teacher. His room is using the Class DOJO app to keep track of behavior. He can earn positive and negative points. At 10 points he gets to pick a prize, like bringing a stuffed animal to school or listening to music during some time of class.

The cool part is that I can check the app while he is at school and see how many points he has earned so far that day.

Josh was the 1st student in his class to earn 10 points.  He is doing really well!

Eli is in 3rd grade! I really wanted to say "Already in 3rd grade." I just can't believe how much he is growing and how old he is getting.

He still loves school and is starting to do a Coral Reef project so that he can present information on that to his classroom.

Eli has also been asked to be in a Science club for a month, he can't wait for it to start.

After we met the teachers we got to go to the cafeteria to have some root beer floats.

Even Jet got to taste some.

He likes it!

We rode out bikes to school on the first day.

Eli, 1st day of school, 3rd grade

Josh, 1st day of school, 1st grade

Tuesday, September 2, 2014