Saturday, December 14, 2013

Unity Tree

The 1st and 2nd graders at Eli's school had a program on Tuesday night called the Unity Tree. It was a musical play about cats and dogs that learned to get along.

Josh had come home from school early that day so he and Morgan stayed home. Noelle and I had a fun time at the show. 

The next two photos are of Noelle's silly faces.

Jet's Blessing

The night before the baby blessing the kids asked Morgan to read a book to them. They ended up reading it on top of the bunk bed. 

Sunday morning I took a couple of pictures of Jet. He was very cute. He wore the same blessing outfit that Eli and Josh wore. Morgan wore it when he was sealed to his parents in the Salt Lake Temple. 

The weather was a little cooler for Jet's blessing, so I did add a pair of pants to the ensemble.

Jet loves to smile and 'talk' to Mom and Dad.

The blanket that Jet is on was partially made by my Grandmother Laura Carlson before she passed away. My mom finished it, and we have used it has a blessing blanket for all four of our kids.

Oma and Jet.

Proud Grandparents.
Unfortunately we never got a picture with Morgan and/or I with Jet. In fact, I recently realized we don't have a single 'complete' family photo. We are going to have to fix that soon!

Noelle loves Jet. If he is crying she will come and tell me that either Jet wants me, Jet needs me, or I need Jet.
The other day she was playing with him and brushing his hair.


We had a great Thanksgiving!  Wednesday night we drove down to Chillicothe and stayed until Friday afternoon. 

Jet got to meet Ginny for the first time!

Emily came up with her 3 kids. The cousins loved playing together.

Jet has been smiling more and more.

Sweet Mae.  She was born about a month before Jet.

Jet, Opa and Mae

The kids loved playing old school Nintendo in the basement.

They also loved playing on the Hammock. 

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.  Morgan and I got to go on a date and saw the movie Catching Fire. It was great. We also did a little shopping over the weekend and got a lot of Christmas presents taken care of.

Saturday Guy came up to Waterloo and he and Morgan put a new engine in our snowblower. It works much better and is much faster now!