Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Building Bunkbeds

All of Morgan's hard work finally paid off. He has been working on the bunk beds nearly every morning and night for the past six weeks. He came home for lunch Monday and we worked together to set them up.

Noelle playing by the mattress and chair.

Jet wanted to be in on the action, too!

Ready to go!

The bottom bunk is put together.

Noelle was a big helper.

The next phase was heavier.

Finished bunkbeds!

Strong enough for a man...

...But made for little children.

The kids were reading books on the top bunk today.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New in the 'Loo

Eli and Josh to play around when they aren't killing each other.

Noelle is as sweet as can be and loves to have her picture taken. 

Jet sleeps a lot. I worries me sometimes, but he seems to be growing and thriving.

Jet really looks like a miniature Josh. It is crazy how similar they are. 

 Jet does not like tummy time. He has rolled from his stomach to his back 4 different times because he was trying to get off of his tummy!

Sometimes Jet will be mellow during tummy time and just suck his fingers.

The big deal is the bunk beds that Morgan has been working on morning and night for about a month. They are almost ready. We should be able to set them up in the boys room Monday evening!  

Monday, November 11, 2013


We put an alarm in Eli's bedroom to wake him in the middle of the night. Last night the alarm went off and was buzzing loudly.

Morgan turned to me and said, "Eli's alarm is going off."

I replied, "Its from the UFO's."

He said, "No, it Eli's alarm to go to the bathroom."

Then he got up and helped Eli with his needs. When Morgan got back to the bed I had to clarify my previous statement to him. I told him,

"It's not FROM the UFO's, its FOR the UFO's."

I have no idea what I was dreaming about. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cleaning is Impossible

Eli and Josh have a very messy room. Monday or Tuesday I asked them to clean it up. Wednesday I told them no electronics until it was clean. Tonight it is still a mess.

Morgan told them that if their room is not clean by Saturday morning that he will all the toys away. I am in the biys room guiding them in their cleaning.

Eli asked me if he could go to an orphanage on Saturday if Dad throws all the toys away. He said he would be bored at home if he did not have any toys.

I told him he could not go to an orphanage. I also reminded himthat it would be unlikely that he would have a lot of toys at an orphanage.

We will see how long it takes them to clean up.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun Story

Today I told Noelle that it was lunch time. She headed to the kitchen where I could hear her open the fridge. She comes back to the office where I am and says, "Is this enough?"  I go to the kitchen and find that she put the grapes and the cherry tomatoes on the counter. That is what she wanted for lunch.

I suggested that she have some chicken nuggets and cottage cheese too. But I love how she picked out her favorite foods for lunch.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Great Sister

I love this video of Noelle singing to Jet.  She didn't know I was taking the movie.

Halloween and More

Well 3 more weeks have passed by. Life is moving forward. Jet is growing and it is hard to believe that he has not been in our family forever. 

Here is Jet in is BYU gear. I put this on him for Halloween, too. 

A couple more pictures with my mom and Jet together.

Like mother, like daughter.

3 generations

Noelle and Jet were watching a movie together.

The boys had sunglasses day at school to celebrate being drug-free or anti-bullying...I don't remember which.  Noelle wanted some glasses too.  She told me that she looks just like me now.


Josh decided to be a vampire for Halloween since I bought 2 pair of teeth.

Noelle was a princess

This is Eli's vampire pose.

This is the best picture I had of the three of them.