Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Month

Morgan was a Wise Man at our Ward Christmas Party

Josh got to make a Christmas Tree Ornament

Eli was Happy about his ornament.

The Primary Kids sang a couple of songs.

Josh sang a little bit. 

Giving Gifts

Noelle loves to spit.  Here are some pictures of her spitting when she should be eating.

I bought myself a new hat. I needed one that fit well. I found this great monkey had and decided to go for it.  Yes, it is a bit silly, but it fits and is warm.

Morgan put some Christmas lights up on our tree and our fence. We also put Frosty and Santa by the fence, it is a much better spot than we had last year. Horray for new traditions.

One cute picture of Noelle playing with a toy baby bottle. She is such a cutie!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Disc Golf

Yes it is winter and too cold for the boys to be playing disc golf, but we cant' get it off our minds!  Eli has been talking about wanting his own disc golf bag, so Josh wanted one too. We told them that they had to save their money and pay for half of the cost and then we would let them get them.  We went to count their money and both boys were dangerously close to having enough.  After two weeks of doing extra chores we counted their money again. Eli had $8 and Josh had $6. Eli said he would give one dollar to Josh so that they would both be able to get their bags.  Next thing you know the boys have their own DG bags.

Opening the package.

The bags are different colors so we can tell them apart. 

Eli quickly put his discs into his bag. 

Josh is really excited to have his, too!.

Can You Make a Cross?

The Elder's Cross 

Eli's Cross 

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner. When it was time for the spiritual thought Elder Knight told a story about a man who wanted the missionaries to make a cross out of a single piece of paper with only one tear. Eli said that he could do that, so I had Josh go get him a piece of paper. I knew that Elder Knight was going to fold his paper and make a cross come from it, and thought it would be good for Eli to see the difference.

Well, Eli taught all of us. He took his piece of paper and carefully ripped it down the center and then combined the two pieces to make a cross. We all laughed and were a little embarrassed because Eli had taught us all.

Speaking of funny Eli stories, I have another one for you. Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting and the Des Moines, Iowa mission president happened to be visiting. The first sister who got up to bear her testimony only speaks Spanish. One of our other ward members translated for her. After her testimony she shook hands with the Mission president and his wife.

Eli asked if he could bear his testimony next. We let Eli go up by himself because he is able to bear his testimony without help and without going off topic. Anyway, he bore a very nice testimony then Eli turned around and shook hands with the mission president, his wife, the deacon on the stand and continued on shaking hands with the members of the bishopric. There were quite a few chuckles from the congregation, mine included.
Later he told me that his favorite part of bearing his testimony was shaking everyone's hands.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Ready

We set up our Christmas tree and put up all of our decorations.  I love Christmas time.  It makes the house seem more peaceful and calm to have the twinkling lights and nativities everywhere. There is just something wonderful about this time of year.

Josh and the Tree 

Eli wanted to be hugging the tree for his picture. 

Noelle happily played on the floor. 

Pictures from Thanksgiving

Honey and Noelle hanging out 

Morgan modeling Oma's hat & glasses

Cousins Anne and Noelle 

The kids

BB Guns!

Eli getting a try 

Playing with leaves

Morgan shooting cans 

Noelle's new headband

Anne with her new headband made by Shannon

My three boys!

Shannon and Noelle 

Josh and Eli really love Honey.

The kids visiting Doris. 

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Morgan's birthday was just before Thanksgving.  I got him some new tires for his bike and then 3 used movies. I let the boys pick which one 'they' gave to him.  Eli chose Nacho Libre - he had seen the preview and loved that it was about wrestling.
Josh chose Where the Wild Things Are - the boys think we will let them watch the movie since they have read the book, but they are going to have to wait until they are older.
Noelle got to give Morgan Avatar by default.

I made Morgan a homemade Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and we got to have bratwurst for dinner.  It was just a nice mellow birthday.