Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Big Update

Life has been busy, but we are loving every minute of it. Eli is really enjoying Kindergarten, Josh loves going to his "Mom's School."  And Noelle is moving all over the place.  We love this fall weather and wish it didn't get dark soon.

Here are some pictures of our happenings.

Eli is working on his homework.

Josh loves to hold Noelle, but she is getting too big!

Eli and Noelle

Noelle loves to try and eat books.

She is also moving around...A Lot!

Cool J-Man

Josh got in the tree by himself.

Happy Josh

I finally finished the rug that I made for Noelle's bedroom. I really like it.

Here is a sideways view of the rug in her room.

L's room, with her new crib and new rug.

If you can read Eli's tag it says "Elder Lasley." He can't wait to be a missionary.

Carving pumpkins for Family Home Evening.

Melissa had to help Josh clean his pumpkin.

This is Morgan's pumpkin, it is the steeple of the Nauvoo Temple.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I love to bake.  Yesterday I made some white bread that I was very proud of.  It is my mom's recipe and it turned out beautifully.  I took a picture so I could blog about my awesome bread.

Then today I made some zucchini bread.  I was humbled.  I forgot to grease the pans before I put the dough into it and they weren't pretty. 

I decided it was only fair to blog about my wins and my losses.

You Win Some

You Lose Some

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Looking?

Eli walks up to Morgan and says, "Dad, do you know three ways that we are the same?"

Morgan says, "We're both wearing red shirts and blue jeans?"

Eli: "Yes, and there's one more."

Morgan: "We both have heads?  We're both really really ridiculously good-looking?"

Eli: "No. Well, we do have heads and we both look really really ridiculously, but we both finished our cake and ice-cream."

So apparently Eli and Morgan look ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eli's school had a Fall Festival last night so we all went.  The kids got to dress in their costumes, Josh was Superman and Eli was a Ninja. Josh won a pumpkin on the Pumpkin Walk. We got Family photos taken, rode a Hayride, watched a littler performance and had Chili for dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Josh on the pumpkin walk.

Josh picked the biggest pumpkin he could find.

Eli on the pumpkin walk.

E on the hayride.

Josh and Mom on the hayride.

Conference Weekend

The boys were a little tired by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, but we had a wonderful weekend together.

Josh fell asleep on Morgan

Eli had a fever and was very mellow.

Noelle is starting to learn how to sit.

Noelle's First Food

Noelle did alright with her first taste of rice cereal.   I think this was Saturday morning. I fed her again some cereal on Monday and she ate it like a champ. We are starting small, just a tablespoon once a day (if the time is right), so she can get the Iron she needs. When she's six months we'll probably start adding more food.

School Stuff

Eli was honored at his school as a Cougar Kid of Character. Each teacher picked one student and they got to stand up front with the school Cougar. E's teacher called us the day before and told us he would be picked and invited us to come, Morgan was able to come home for lunch and come with us.

The school also did drawings and some kids won prizes. As we left school with Eli he was very upset because he didn't get a sucker and he said it wasn't fair.

We are still working on gratitude.

Eli by the Cougar

Josh is really enjoying Mom's School.  Last week they were studying the letter D and went to the local Arboretum for a Dino Dig.

Josh is very happy.

Noelle was very warm in her seat.

Digging for Dino's

On our way out we saw this scarecrow. Josh was a little nervous about getting too close.

Josh, Mom, and Mr. Scarecrow