Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eli's First Broken Bone

Eli got his first broken bone on Tuesday, October 6th.

He was at school, playing on the Monkey Bars at recess before lunch. He fell and landed on his wrist, bending it outward. He immediately knew something was wrong. He said that it felt like his wrist was burning.

The nurse tried to call me at home, but I was at a dentist appointment. She got ahold of Morgan and he went and picked up Eli.

They came by the house first, to see if I really was home. When I wasn't to be found they left a note for me. Morgan also called a few of my friends to see if I was at their homes. (He didn't have his calendar and didn't realize where I was.)

I got home and found the note and called Morgan on the cell phone. They were almost done, so I just waited at home.

The Urgent Care doctors did x-rays and found a Torus Fracture, or Buckle fracture and set up an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor Wednesday morning. They also gave Eli as split and told him to take Tylenol as needed.

This morning we dropped Josh off to school and Noelle and Jet and Eli and I went to the doctor. Eli did not like waiting in the waiting room, but read his book while we waited. Once we got back in the exam room the doctor came in, explained that it was a torus fracture and should heal quickly and well. He also said he wanted to put a cast on it, just to keep it stable and safe. We were all for that idea. Eli had already decided that he wanted a blue cast.