Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Morgan's sister Amy got married last weekend. We went down on Wednesday night and stayed for a week. It was really fun to get together with everyone.

1st we had a Girl's Night Out. It was a combination of a bridal shower and bachelorette party. Mostly we ate, talked, then went to Grahams to get ice cream.

Noelle talked her daddy into giving her a bike ride around the block.

Noelle also picked out her own clothes for the day. 

Eli was doing a project on the Civil War for school and Oma & Opa have a ward member that does CW re-enactments. We set up an appointment for Eli to go interview him.

Eli and Josh got to ride a horse and shoot a gun that was authentic to the time period.

We went to Nauvoo the night before the wedding. We stayed in one of the Nauvoo Cabins with Pete & Emily's family and Guy and Allison. It was fun to all be together.

Eli and Josh took turns taking pictures at the temple.

The Happy Couple: Amy and Michael

Our CRAZY Family!

Jet is learning to sit by himself...but he doesn't quite have it yet.

I really love this picture of Morgan and I.  Noelle decided at the last moment that she wanted to join in. I love Morgan so much and am so happy that he is my husband.

Trying to get all the nieces and nephews in the picture.

Josh was entertaining Jet.

Baby James (on Amy's lap) did not want to be there. It was past naptime and he was TIRED!

After pictures we went and had pizza lunch. The kids loved playing outside.

Noelle and Anne are ready for lunch at Oma's house.

We also had a talent show over the weekend. This is Noelle doing her 'Ballet-dancing".


Monday, May 12, 2014

The Past Month

A lot has happened during the last month. Here are some photos from our time.

Jet is a fighter, but he is ready for church!
Eli and Josh love to dance and wrestle; sometimes at the same time!


We had a good time coloring eggs!

Eli cracked a couple of eggs, so he just had to eat them, then!

Some friends invited us to a group Easter Egg hunt and potluck lunch. We had a great time, even if it was really windy!

We also had our own Easter egg hunt at home.

I think Noelle liked her chocolate bunny!

Dinner time is always fun at our house.

Noelle thought that the school talent show was TOO LOUD!

Happy 3rd Birthday Noelle!

Jet got Noelle a pair of sunglasses

Eli and Josh got her some My Little Ponies

Mom and Dad got Noelle her own little Fort/Castle.