Monday, March 10, 2014

Noelle fell asleep on the way home from church yesterday!

Josh had a concert as school last week. It was fun to hear him sing with his classmates!

Noelle thought it was too loud, but she was just tired.

Jet sat and listened to all of the kids.

Trip to Dubuque

We decided to take a little trip to Dubuque as a family vacation. We stayed at the Grand Harbor Resort and Water Park.

It was fun to get our swimsuits out. We actually bought Noelle a swimsuit that day (that way she wouldn't have to wear her hand-me-down boy shirt and trunks.)

Amazingly Jet was able to fall asleep amid all of the noise of the water. We just wrapped him in a towel and held him close.

Both boys LOVED being in the hot tub.

Noelle discovered some big slides that she wanted to go down over and over again.

We didn't take too many pictures at the water park because we didn't want the camera getting wet or stolen.

Later we went to the River Museum and Aquarium just down the street. Jet was a trooper in his car seat.

This water wall was a hit. The kids loved getting their fingers all wet!

I discovered that aquariums make me seasick. Go figure! I had to go sit down away from all of the water tanks for a while.

Do you see the 2 eagles in this picture?