Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Visits and Fall Festival

We were very blessed to have Shari come and stay a week with us after Jet was born. She was a great help and let me have a relaxing time.

Jet with his Oma Shari

This picture of Noelle was just too cute to leave out.

Jim came up Friday to pick up Shari and got to meet Jet for the first time.

Sunday Grandma Palmer came for a visit. She is going to be here for a week too!  Talk about one spoiled new mom!

Tuesday the kids had a Fall Festival at their school. They got to dress up.  Josh is in a Harry Potter robe w/ wand, but he kept telling his friends that he was the Wizard of Oz. Noelle was a princess and Eli was Dracula. 

Noelle and I (+Jet) are going on the pumpkin walk. 

Noelle and her pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Pictures of Jet at the Hospital

The hospital had this little green sleeper for Jet to stay in while we were there. It looked pretty comfortable, except I was worried that it was too short, his long legs were really bunched up inside of it.

Temple and Baby = Picture Overload

I knew that once the baby was born we would not be going down the to temple for a while, so we made it a priority earlier in September.

Because of Crazy Insurance issues we found out that our deductible would go up 2 grand if the baby was born after October 1st. Since I was due the 8th this was disconcerting.

However, I went to my appointment on September 26th and the doctor told me I was dilated 5-6 cm. So I kept walking and moving all afternoon hoping to get the contractions going. They did great until after dinner when they died down.

Thursday night we went to walk the mall, which did get contractions going again. However, I was exhausted and after calling my midwife decided to go home and go to bed and to see the midwife in the morning.

Friday morning I was dilated 7cm so the midwife wanted me to go to the hospital, get my water broken and have this baby. Morgan's mom was waiting at our house when I got back from my appointment and Morgan got home shortly after. We finished packing the last things we needed and headed to the hospital.

Here is a lovely picture of me before any of the crazy contractions started. I was giddy with joy knowing that I was going to have a baby that day!

The midwife broke my water at 11:00am and at 2:21pm baby Jet was born. I decided to have a natural childbirth again (I love the recovery so much better that way). It was painful and difficult but when they finally let me push I actually got Jet out in one big push. Head, shoulders knees and toes all came at once!

Even though Jet was a week and a half early he weighed 9 pounds 5.2 ounces. I can't begin to say how glad I am that he didn't have more time to get bigger in the womb.

The kids were very happy to come see their little brother. They got to stop by Friday and Saturday for some visits.

Covenant Hospital is very into letting the parents have as much control over the process as possible. So Morgan got to give Jet his first bath.

Sunday Jet and I got ready to go home. It was nice to have the days to recover in quiet, but it is also good to go home too!