Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Kids

Eli and Josh and running around the house right now "hiding" from me. I asked them to clean up ages ago, and of course they did not want to.
I want the house cleaned up, though so I am going to do it. I am going to leave the basement and their bedroom for them to cleanup tonight, without help, before they do anything else.

I just think it is silly that they are under the other desk in the office as I write this and think that I don't know where they are.

The joys of childhood.  :0)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Ran a Mile

Part of my Wellness challenge was a fitness test that involved a one-mile run. The last time I ran a mile was probably in high school 12 years ago.

Anyway, some of the other ladies in the challenge wanted to meet and run "together" and I was all for that.

So today I rode my bike to West High School and did my first 1-mile run in ages. I was hoping to do it in about 12 minutes. I remember in high school you had to get under 12 minutes to pass something. (I didn't make it then.)

Today I did. I ran the mile in 11 minutes 15 seconds. I was really proud of myself because I jogged the first two laps without stopping to walk once. I want to run again sometime so that I can improve my time and my ability.

While I was jogging I just kept telling myself, you can do this, your body can go farther. That is one thing I have learned through my exercise programs...the body is an amazing thing and CAN actually do some really difficult things. I wish I had really learned and understood that fact before. I can ride my bike for 57 miles. I can run 1/2 mile without walking and maybe soon I will run a mile without walking. Step by step I am going to become a healthier person.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lifetime Wellness Challenge

Since the beginning of this year I have been waffling on whether or not I should join a Lifetime Wellness Challenge. Some of my friends in the ward were doing. I decided not to do it twice before. My friend Charity asked me again if I wanted to join her group and I decided to do it this time.

This challenge will last 8 weeks. I was nervous about accepting the challenge since I will be vacationing for 2 of those weeks. It is always hard to eat right and exercise when you are away from your own home. But I am going to do it. 

The challenge is pretty basic, and luckily I already do most of the requirements. Each day I need to drink 64 oz. of water and eat 5 servings of fruit/vegetables. I need to exercise either 30 minutes or 45 minutes. I will need to stop eating by 9pm and only have sweets one day each week. 

Each week I will be given a bonus challenge to complete. This week I have to take a "Before" picture of myself. (I haven't done it yet...maybe I will post it here.  We shall see.)  There are some more parts to this weeks bonus challenge, mostly about making goals. 

I am excited for this. I have been working hard to lose weight and I am very close to my goal. I am the lowest weight I have been in years...since before Eli was born. I am actually considering modifying my ultimate weight loss goal to something lower, I think I can reach it. 

It has been really nice to get healthier and to have more energy. It isn't easy. But it is worth it.