Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny J

Here are some funny things J has said lately.

Tonight at dinner, he has a little bit of rice left and his entire portion of green beans.
J: I'm done.
Me: No, we've got a few bites of rice left and you haven't even touched your green beans.
J: Touch. (put his finger on his green beans - he got me there.)

Talking on a toy phone
J: Hi Diego. Where are you? Oh, in a movie. Okay. Bye.

Watching Go Diego Go - (at the end of each episode they talk about their favorite part of the adventure, flying with the condors, helping Baby Jaguar get back to his mommy, etc.)
Diego: What was your favorite part?
J: Watching a movie.

He sure keeps me laughing!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Transformation

Here are the photos of our bathroom remodel. We took out the carpet, had to replace some of the sub-floor, added concrete-board stuff, leveled the floor and tiled and grouted the whole thing. Some day we'd like to get a new vanity and update the tub to have a shower attachment but those will come later. Sorry if some of the photos are doubles, I may have lost track a couple of times. I would write under each photo but I only see code in my post, so I'm not even going to try.

A special thanks to all of the guys who came over and helped, especially Brother Larry C. for making Morgan his tiling apprentice, we could not have done it without you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Morgan got me flowers for Valentines. Can you tell? He told me that one of his goals was to get me flowering plants so that I can have flowers continually. So for one of our 7 days of Valentines he got me a Cyclamen and the grand finale was the orchids. Eli and Josh got me the carnations. I also got a couple of movies and lots of candy. Most of the candy is gone, so I didn't take pictures of it. I could take a picture of my pregnant belly and tell you it was full of chocolate, which is true, but maybe another time.

I wasn't expecting this largesse, but I am very grateful to Morgan for going the extra mile to show me that he loves me. It is funny how the little things can remind you of the great life you have.

My contribution to Valentines Day came in the way of food. We decided to have Four-cheese fettuccine for our Valentines dinner, but knowing how much we love Sushi I decided to make that Sunday night for a pre-Valentines dinner. We went very creative and used imitation crab & lobster, cream cheese, carrots, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds, oranges, limes, kiwi, and strawberries as fillings (not all at once of course.) From that we learned that carrots are okay, but too crunchy when combined with everything else. We could use them as VERY tiny slivers to add color, but their are not a necessity. Also, Limes should never be put into a sushi roll. Maybe drop a couple drops of the juice, but any section of lime is WAY too much. Oranges, strawberries and kiwi are an excellent addition. We've add strawberries and kiwi before at restaurants, but the orange/cream cheese combination was D-licious!
So that was Sunday.

Monday Shannon and Kyle came for dinner and FHE as usual. But we had the previously mentioned four-cheese fettuccine, green salad, home-made rolls, leftover strawberries and kiwi, and a key-lime pie for dessert. It was also great because Shannon brought the rolls and salad, the strawberries and kiwi were leftovers and needed no preparation and I made the fettuccine in advance so Valentines day I wasn't slaving around in the kitchen trying to get everything ready!
To make this extra special I got out the China plates my mom gave me and used our fancy silverware. I even had a salad fork and a dinner fork. (Extra dishes - yes, but definitely made it more restaurant-esque.) I also got out a new tablecloth and used lamp-light and pseudo-candlelight instead of the overheard. It was a really great day and a really great week.

It was really fun to have a special dinner at home rather than going out to a restaurant. While I still love to eat out and will continue to do so as I have the option, it is so much more cost-effective to just make nice food ourselves. Buy the good piece of meat, cook it yourself and you've saved big moo-la. Our sushi would have cost us 70+ at a restaurant but I think we paid $15 for the ingredients.

I love my Boys!

I love my boys. Josh, especially, is into glasses. Morgan and I have to try to keep our personal glasses away from them and make sure that they only play with the toy glasses. But these are just some of the pictures we've taken lately.

My Projects - Pictures!

I feel productive today and so rather than waiting for the bathroom to be finished (I know its been two weeks, but we are days away from completion) I decided to post the pictures of my envelope pillowcases.

In Case you Missed It

Here's a photo of the boys in the paper in case you hadn't seen it yet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today has been rough. Its been okay too, but Morgan has been gone all day at a disc golf tournament. I know, it is Winter, there is 2 feet of snow out there, but it is in the 30's today, so that's not so bad. I am glad Morgan is getting out to play, he spends all of this free-time working on the bathroom, and hasn't played disc in over two months.

But Saturdays are the days when I get to share responsibility of watching the boys, instead it is like a regular day. The worst part was that the boys woke up at 6am (Thanks though to Shannon who watched them while she did laundry so I could stay in bed), but I knew that they did not get enough rest and today was going to be rough. It seemed all morning Eli was crying or whining about something. Things picked up towards mid-day when I took them to the library.

Thankfully I put a movie on and Josh is taking a nap. I'm letting Eli play the Wii right now, but I don't really have any motivation to get anything done. I've already finished all but one load of the laundry but nothing is pulling me to do. I can't plan anything fun to do tonight because Morgan is planning on putting the last of the grout in the tile in the bathroom. I'm not in the mood to watch any movies or TV, I just finished a book and nothing sounds good. It is bright outside, but not sunny.

How do I get out of this funk?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am feeling very grateful for my husband and thought I would sing his praises to the world. He came home Monday of this week with a beautiful red rose and a bag of Airhead candies for me. He told me that it was the 7 Days of Valentines. Tuesday he brought me a Symphony bar and a movie, Wednesday I got a beautiful bouquet of lilies. I feel so loved and appreciated. I know that they are just flowers and little things, but he has gone above and beyond anything I expected for Valentines. (I thought I would get a bouquet of flowers on the 14th and that would be that.)

Eli and Josh have been helping him a little. Tuesday when he wrapped his gifts they made some little Valentines for me as well. Then when I was opening the present they told me that it was the Count of Monte Cristo. I think they helped Morgan wrap another present because Josh told me I got a book (I haven't received that one yet). I told Josh it was a secret and he can't tell me about it. So I don't know what my future Valentines might be.

Anyway, I love Morgan. I am really grateful that he is doing this for me even while he is busy every night working on our bathroom. Thanks, Morgan!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We have been busy with projects lately. Morgan's project is not done yet so I'm waiting to post any pictures until I upload all of them onto my computer which will happen once everything is done.

Anyway, I have been making envelope pillow covers. I bought Morgan a small pillow for Father's Day last year but we never had a case for it. It is just a square and I didn't want something with zippers or buttons since it is for sleeping. Wa-la the envelope cover. I also made on for our changing table pad. The plastic is cold and coming off so we would always have a towel over top of it. That worked, but I wanted something a little nicer and something that would stay in place. So I went through fabric that my mom has given me and found two fun kid pieces. I have only made one cover so far, but I am pretty proud of my work.

Morgan's project is a basic remodel of our bathroom. We having taken up all of the carpet in there and today he and a brother in our ward finished laying new tile on the floor there. We still have a lot to do, but the end is getting closer. Like I said, I will post pictures of the process when we are done.