Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nauvoo Temple Trip

I've been gone. Monday through Friday of last week I was at Young Women's Camp at Kent State Park outside of Coralville. I got home Friday around noon, did laundry, slept a bit, at dinner then Morgan and I headed down to Nauvoo. Saturday morning we went to the Temple and were there to see our good friend Michael receive his endowment. It was a wonderful experience and we were so grateful we could share that with him.

Friday, June 18, 2010


We love our new home, we got lots of left-overs with it. One thing that was left over that we didn't like too much...MICE.

We discovered mice after they ate through 30 pounds of flour and several bags of beans. Not a happy day when I had to make bread and was all out upstairs. Now I know, don't leave any bagged food downstairs.

Anyway, Morgan put out the mousetraps and the first morning we caught a big mouse. Morgan thought it was the biggest he had ever seen. Two days later we catch the mate. The following day Morgan finds a little baby on the floor. Another two days, and two more babies make it out of where ever their nest was and are found on the floor.

I was more than happy to have the big mice dead and out of here, but I did feel bad for the poor little babies. It's not their fault that their parents did not stay outside like they're supposed too. Shannon reminded me that mice are dirty and disgusting, and she's right. I just feel bad for the babies.

But on the bright side, I think we've caught all the mice!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June so far

June has been great! We've gone to parades, and had a house warming party. But mostly we just play around home. Here are some of our pictures we've taken.

Eli loves building 'things' with toys. Here is one masterpiece.

Audrey and Eli watching the My Waterloo Days Parade.

We kept Josh and Luke buckled up.

They loved watching the dogs walk by.

Eli's sad face.

Eli's happy face!


We love tractors!

Eli made this all by himself then brought me to see it. Hoo-rah!

We got Josh a helmet so we can go on safe bike rides.

My two boys.

The next pictures are from our housewarming party.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Fishing

Memorial Day Eli got to go on his first fishing trip with Dad. Morgan has gone a couple of other times with a friend of his and Eli is always begging to go too. So when Morgan talked to me about his going early Memorial Day morning, I asked him if he could see if Eli could go with them.
They went and had a great time. They even got to stop for ice cream on the way home. :0)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Josh reading Llama Llama, Red Pajama.

Eli, hiding out and reading Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Lately my boys have been silently look at books while I get other things done around the house. I LOVE IT! They are so cute. Josh especially has found this spot on the couch that he likes to look at books.
The best part is when they know the story and will say the words, or yell, or something to show me that the are interacting with the book.


Last week I decided to no longer put Josh in Onesies. It was just getting too hot. He is very excited about the change. He will run around and lift up his shirt and say "belly!" all the time! So if you see him flashing his belly around, you will know the reason!